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Guiding principles help answer questions about the gospel

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Guiding principles help answer questions about the gospel

Gospel-topicsA new Topics and Questions section of ChurchofJesusChrist.org and Gospel Library replaces Gospel Topics and provides resources for those seeking answers and for helping others with their gospel questions.2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.Download Photo

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Ryan Jensen, Church News

The resources found in the updated app Topics and questions in the Gospel Library and in the Gospel Library on the Church Internet site are designed to help you answer your own questions about the gospel and to help others find answers to theirs.

Finding answers to gospel questions using reliable sources can lead to increased faith in Jesus Christ and the restoration of His Church. The Prophet Joseph Smith had questions that led him to the divine restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. For Joseph, the search for answers has been a constant throughout his life.

The elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: “To come unto Christ, we must develop testimonies of the living reality of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of His restored gospel. Such testimonies come from an attestation of the Holy Spirit accompanied by diligent study.”

“To those who have questions, the President Russell M. Nelson counseled, ‘Seek guidance from voices you can trust’ and ‘Ask your questions to the Lord and other trustworthy sources,’” Elder Renlund said. “It is our duty to our members and truth seekers to provide reliable, trustworthy and faithful sources. Topics and Questions is a great place to start. The related guiding principles are like a ‘user manual’ on how to approach the material covered in Topics and Questions.”

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The five guiding principles for those seeking answers to their questions are:

Center your life on Jesus Christ.
Be patient with yourself and others.
Understand that revelation is a process.
Consult reliable sources.
Work on understanding the past.

Applying these principles can help people live the gospel as they seek answers to questions and strengthen their testimonies. The process of obtaining and strengthening a testimony is different for each individual and requires a different amount of time for each person.

Five years ago, Gospel Topics was launched to help both members and friends of the Church find answers to questions. Gospel Topics and Questions with Guiding Principles is an update of that material.

Topics-and-QuestionsA new section of ChurchofJesusChrist.org and the Gospel Library provides guiding principles to help others find answers to their questions. Download Photo

The elder Mark A. Bragg, General Authority Seventy, said: “Sincere questions need good resources and the guidance of the Holy Ghost to be answered. Many faithful individuals have sincere questions about various aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ or his Church. Given the countless conflicting voices with confusing messages in the world, the guiding principles laid out in the updated Topics and Questions section of ChurchofJesusChrist.org and the Gospel Library help those with sincere questions turn to the Lord and seek answers through diligent learning guided by the Spirit.”

In addition to guiding principles for those seeking answers to their own questions, the update includes five guiding principles to help others who have questions. They are:

React with love.
Listen with humility.
Trust in the Lord.
Feed your faith.
Assist others along their journey.

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Elder Bragg said: “Family members and friends may want to help others search for answers. These additional guiding principles provide suggestions to help them.”

These principles can facilitate loving ministry when helping those with questions.

“The Topics and Questions section and the Guiding Principles are accompanied by study guides for 40 topics. People can use them as a guide in studying these topics. More study guides will be released soon,” Elder said Kevin W. Pearson, General Authority Seventy. Each study guide features links to scriptures, videos, teachings of prophets, and other materials.

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