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‘Guitars of the soul’ the new by Maestro Iván Ovalle

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‘Guitars of the soul’ the new by Maestro Iván Ovalle

Our partner SAYCO, Iván Ovalle is one of the most outstanding composers of Vallenato music, nominated for the Latin Grammys, winner of multiple festivals and creator of immortal works such as “Volver a la Tenderness”, “Por un Amor”, “El amor is bigger than me”, “Those black eyes”, and “The Force of love” among others.

In this 2023 and with 30 years of artistic life, Iván Ovalle is recharged with his new album “Guitaras del Alma”, a production that includes 12 songs of his authorship, 9 unpublished and another 3 already recorded by the artists, Silvestre Dangond (Quiérela ), Iván Villazón (Inseparables) and Peter Manjarres, (My coconut candy).

The inspiration to make these songs flowed in the middle of the pandemic, during those moments of confinement and confinement, says our singer-songwriter, who managed to compose more than 100 songs during this time, some of them already delivered to other artists and others that will be part of this new musical work.“The years do not forgive”, “Love triumphed”, “Inseparables”, “Our nest” and “Your fiancé”, are some of the titles from the ‘Guitarras del alma’ repertoire, now available on their YouTube channel (IvanOvalleTv ) and on all music platforms.

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