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gunmen killed three people

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gunmen killed three people

This Tuesday morning, several armed men killed three people in the township of Zapatosa, a rural area of ​​the municipality of Tamalameque, Cesar. The victims are the owner of a canteen, Enith Johana Romero Quintero, Yoiner Saucedo Campusano, 22, and Carlos Alberto Martínez Parra, 47.

The murderers were armed individuals who arrived in a white van at a canteen to shoot indiscriminately against the victims and then fled.

In the events, the fisherman Carlos Alberto Ortiz Guillen, 43, who was in a nearby street when a shot hit his right hand and leg, was injured.

“Upon hearing the impacts of some firearm detonations, people came out in fear, hiding, and began to hear that it was an attack. This is an agricultural area, the economy is based on fishing and agriculture, which is why many, including me, thought they were flyers,” said Jorge Andrés Mier, a Tamalameque councilor.

However, the inhabitants came across the gruesome scene of the three bodies lying on the sidewalk with wounds in different parts of the body.

The victims were not well known in the town, since Enith Johana Romero had arrived at the township some two months ago to set up the canteen and the others were presumably visiting.

The truth is that the massacre generated fear in the population that feels unprotected by the National Police and the National Army.

“One of the reasons why these events occur is due to the lack of presence of the Public Force in the corregimiento, we have already tired of asking the municipal and departmental administration to accompany the Public Force in the corregimiento,” he pointed out. Wed.

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In this regard, the departmental government secretary, Eduardo Esquivel, indicated that he convened a security table to analyze the violent act and take administrative measures.

“There is only a station in the Tamalameque capital, and what we want is for the radius of action that this station has to reach the corregimientos, and in that we are urging the Police and the Army,” Esquivel said.

He also explained that there are several versions of the triple homicide, including those of men in a truck, which the judicial police are verifying.

With this fact, there are already two massacres that have been registered so far this year in the department of Cesar. The first happened on January 1 in the municipality of Río de Oro, where three people were murdered.

In addition, last May the inhabitants also denounced that criminals exerted pressure or violence on some works that are being carried out in the rural area of ​​Tamalameque.

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