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Gustavo Petro accepted Mancuso’s help to search for the disappeared

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Gustavo Petro accepted Mancuso’s help to search for the disappeared

In the midst of the investigations that have been carried out in response to Mancuso’s recent statements in the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), President Gustavo Petro together with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, reach an agreement to advance the search for missing persons in the border area.

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In the middle of the diplomatic summit that is being held in Brazil, the leaders of the sister countries held a conversation regarding the statements of the former paramilitary leader, Salvatore Mancuso, who recently gave his version of the events in the framework of the armed conflict in Colombia.

According to the Colombian President, to facilitate this task, the paramilitary chief, Salvatore Mancuso, help identify the areas where the victims would be buried.

In this regard, President Petro declared: “We have reached an agreement with President Maduro, after the confessions of Salvatore Mancuso, the paramilitary chief who decided to confess the truth, and said, in the midst of his confessions, that there were a series of Numbers of Colombian dead buried on the Venezuelan side, because it was the way to hide and disappear what I consider was a genocide of the Colombian people by paramilitaries in that region, unfortunately linked to sections of the State that helped in that assassination.”

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The first president assured that all the work will be carried out with the experts in identification of corpses, so if Mancuso identifies the areas where the bodies would be, Venezuela would help to return the remains so that they can be delivered to their families.

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