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Gustavo Petro did not attend a key meeting for the Coffee Axis

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Gustavo Petro did not attend a key meeting for the Coffee Axis

Gustavo Petro Urrego generated disappointment by leaving congressmen, governors and mayors of the Coffee Region, who were waiting for him for a meeting to follow up on strategic projects for the region.

The Representative to the Chamber for Risaralda, Alejandro García Ríos, expressed his regret for the president’s absence, pointing out that the event was of utmost importance for the future of the Coffee Axis. Ten congressmen, governors and mayors from the departments of Risaralda, Caldas and Quindío traveled to Bogotá to attend this meeting, which ultimately did not have the presence of the President.

«We would really like much more commitment and support from the president for the issues of the Coffee Axis, where we miss him and we want him to visit us soon in cities like Pereira and in various parts of the Axis. We have several projects there to carry out,” lamented García Ríos.

The parliamentarian explained that, despite the absence of the president, the meeting was held with the participation of the Ministers of the Interior, Transport and Education. During the meeting, priority projects in the region were monitored, with the aim of ensuring that they are not forgotten and can contribute to the development of the country’s coffee sector.

Although the reason for the president’s absence was not detailed, it was reported that he was busy with an issue related to the health system. The Minister of the Interior was in charge of resuming the space for dialogue, committing to collect all the information presented and continue working together for the progress of the Coffee Axis.

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