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Haining Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau takes three measures to focus on garbage classification

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Haining Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau takes three measures to focus on garbage classification

Release date: 2023-02-02 15:27

Information source: Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau


In order to further promote the normalization, refinement, and long-term effect of domestic waste classification, the Haining Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau combined the territorial reality to truly implement the “three services” in action, reflected in the subtleties, to ensure the implementation of domestic waste classification.

The first is to widely publicize and mobilize, and keep an eye on the main body to promote participation. Actively connect with the village community, carry out waste sorting promotion activities for shops along the street, strengthen publicity through on-site explanations, demonstration guidance, and distribution of relevant materials, etc., expand the coverage of publicity, create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in domestic waste classification, and promote domestic waste classification publicity Work really enters the house, enters the brain, and enters the heart. At the same time, focus on special stores such as restaurants and fruit shops, provide on-site guidance on the classification and disposal of domestic waste, and further clarify classification standards and disposal requirements. Taking the inclined bridge squadron as an example, more than 3,000 copies of relevant publicity materials have been distributed.

The second is to focus on key difficulties and integrate strength to advance. Taking the “big comprehensive integration” administrative law enforcement reform as an opportunity to strengthen law enforcement and increase law enforcement efforts, the relevant departments of Lianhe Township carried out garbage classification law enforcement inspections, and immediately required the parties to rectify the problems found in the inspections. Use a high-pressure situation to help normalize the management of waste classification in the jurisdiction. For example, the Xieqiao Squadron has been supported by law enforcement since the second half of 2022, helping to rank among the top in the monthly assessment of domestic waste classification for many consecutive months.

The third is to improve supervision and control, and consolidate responsibility to ensure long-term effectiveness. On the basis of normalized inspections, establish a long-term management mechanism for household waste classification, take the “review” work as an important closed loop of domestic waste classification management, conduct irregular return visits to merchants that have issued rectification notices, and strengthen supervision and management. Supervise and urge all responsible entities to consciously fulfill the obligation of domestic waste classification, ensure that rectification is in place, and strictly prevent problems from rebounding. In 2022, the inclined bridge squadron will carry out more than 30 “look back” tasks.

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