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Halt of the Democratic Party and centrists in Casellati, the poles deal with Sale Casini, Draghi is back, Cassese check

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After a nervous day full of suspicions and tensions not only between the coalitions but also and above all between the allies of the two fronts, the name of the future head of state will arrive in the next few hours. A first important approach of positions will take place today from the expected summit between the leaders of the League, the Democratic Party and the M5s. It will therefore be Matteo Salvini, Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte who will try a compromise. Last night it was the leader of the Democratic Party, during the assembly of the groups, who anticipated that tomorrow, on the occasion of the fifth vote, “there will be the name of the new Head of State”. While at the same time Giuseppe Conte, gathering his followers, reiterated the need to “ensure maximum stability for the executive”.

Matteo Salvini also gathered his great constituents in the evening saying he was ready to confront the center-left after a phone call with Silvio Berlusconi in which the Knight would have given the green light to the candidacy of Pier Ferdinando Casini or Giuliano Amato. Two hypotheses that risk breaking the center-right, however, given that Giorgia Meloni is opposed to both solutions, preferring, if anything, the move of Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the Quirinale. This hypothesis, strongly supported by Letta, who nevertheless remains on the field. With the possibility, if the Draghi hypothesis were to eventually overcome Salvini’s resistance (and also those of the Cavaliere), that one of the other two candidates of these hours will end up in Palazzo Chigi: Casini or Amato.

But if the Casini option divides the center-right, the Draghi option divides the center-left. Conte, in fact, continues to repeat that Draghi must remain at Palazzo Chigi, accentuating the furrow he dug in recent days with Letta. A position, however, not shared by the whole movement and primarily by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who yesterday in Parliament was particularly active in conciliatory discussions with the ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti of the League, first sponsor of the premier, and Lorenzo Guerini of the Democratic Party, also him of the “party of Draghi”. Also for this reason Conte appeared more cautious in the evening, limiting himself to advocating “continuity of government” and reiterating that “there are no vetoes on our part for anyone”.

Finally, in favor of the Draghi solution, also the centrists of Coraggio Italia and the leader of Italy Viva Matteo Renzi, with whom Letta has restored a privileged axis in these hours: it is precisely on this unprecedented axis that during the day of yesterday the candidacy of the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati failed. For days from the center-right they gave the support of the Renzians of Italia Viva as “sure”, and yesterday morning at the top of the center-right Meloni said she was convinced that “the shoulder” could go through. But the words of Renzi, who has unequivocally excluded the support of Italia Viva for Casellati, as well as the lack of enthusiasm of the centrists of Coraggio Italia, have brought the hypothesis out of the picture. Reporting the negotiation on the two names of Draghi and Casini. Amato remains in the background as a possible “institutional” solution in the event of an impasse. As well as that of a second term for Sergio Mattarella, who yesterday in the House obtained triple the votes of the previous day, reaching 125: a signal that came above all from the ranks of the M5s. Yet Letta, admitting that “the Democratic Party is quite alone in wanting to preserve Draghi”, confided to his parliamentarians that Salvini has already arrived “privately” on all the names in the field: from Draghi to Amato passing through Casini.

Many signs therefore indicate that the hypothesis that the leader of the League may eventually converge on a candidacy currently kept covered and on which at least the parties of the majority, without losers and winners, would be found. Last night the rumor had spread of Salvini’s visit to the former constitutional judge Sabino Cassese. The leader of the League denied it, but Cassese’s profile fits perfectly into that of the possible Head of State should Draghi’s candidacy really go down.

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