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Hamburg: Hundreds of HSV fans checked after game in Rostock | > – News

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Hamburg: Hundreds of HSV fans checked after game in Rostock |  > – News

As of: February 18, 2024 4:02 p.m

Hundreds of Hamburger SV fans were stuck at Bergedorf train station for hours on Saturday. The police were looking for violent criminals during a large-scale check and stopped the fan train on the way back from Rostock.

It took around six hours for the large contingent of federal police and Hamburg police officers to check everyone on the train. 855 fans had to wait until around 2:30 a.m. The operation looked for suspected violent perpetrators who are said to have clashed with Borussia Dortmund supporters last September. At that time, hooligan groups attacked each other in the Mannheim train station – there were injuries on both sides.

“Super-Recognizer” in action – no arrests

Even after the second division game in Rostock on Saturday there were reportedly attacks and bottles being thrown at police officers. A regional train carrying the fans was therefore stopped at Bergedorf train station. The officers had set up a checkpoint there. So-called super recognizers were also used to identify those wanted. In other words, police officers who are particularly good at remembering faces. Around 400 emergency services were on site. According to the federal police, the personal details of 31 suspected violent perpetrators were recorded.

AUDIO: Federal police check hundreds of HSV fans (1 min)

Delays in regional transport

All inmates were finally able to continue driving after their personal details were recorded. Not only were they home significantly later than expected: the campaign also caused numerous regional trains to be delayed, as Deutsche Bahn announced on the short message service X.

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Further information

The Hamburg team showed a poor performance for large parts of the game. The draw doesn’t really help either team. more

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