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Hamburger Hochbahn presents autonomous bus “Holon” | > – News

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Hamburger Hochbahn presents autonomous bus “Holon” |  > – News

Status: 06.07.2023 1:40 p.m

Hamburger Hochbahn presented the prototype of a driverless bus on Thursday. The “Holon” celebrated its German premiere in the prototype museum in Hafencity. By 2030, up to 10,000 autonomous vehicles are expected to be on the road in the city.

The “Holon Bus” is nothing less than a revolution in local public transport. Not only does the manufacturer from Paderborn say that, but also Hochbahn boss Henrik Falk about the five-meter-long vehicle – which is also called a mover. “For me, these movers represent a real opportunity to achieve the mobility turnaround,” says Falk. A new system had to be developed for the people “who rightly use large numbers of their own cars today”. The goal: The minibus should pick up all HVV customers at their front door in 2030 – without a driver, fully automatically.

Hochbahn wants to lure customers with a feeling of luxury

From the inside, the “Holon” looks like a luxury vehicle.

Transport Senator Anjes Tjarks (Greens) sees another attraction for drivers: the fine equipment of the minibus for a maximum of 15 passengers. “I think that for a lot of people it has something to do with comfort,” the senator suspects. That is why a “very valuable vehicle that can compete with a luxury vehicle is an important goal”.

The first test buses should come in 2025

Above all, “Holon” should better supply the outskirts. Many of the up to 10,000 vehicles for Hamburg are to be built near Paderborn. In 2025, the first test buses with a speed of 60 will be on the road in Hamburg.

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Further information

The first vehicles have been ordered from a vehicle manufacturer from Paderborn. In the future, up to 10,000 units will drive for the HVV. (06/16/2023) more

Hamburger Hochbahn increased its turnover and passenger numbers last year. She announced this in the annual balance sheet on Thursday. (06/15/2023) more

In the future, the subways in Hamburg should be able to run every 100 seconds. A new system is now being tested for this purpose. (06/09/2023) more

Hochbahn is taking on 300 million euros to invest in climate protection. The credit comes from eco-investors. (05/25/2023) more

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