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Hammered in bursts on the windshields: ten cars of the Post Office in Conegliano vandalized

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The investigators sift through the images of the cameras active in the neighborhood. The act of hooliganism on Saturday night in via Friuli. The author left the other cars unscathed

CONEGLIANO. A dozen Poste Italiane vehicles were hammered into the parking lots in via Friuli. Cars and vans serving in the Conegliano area are parked near the headquarters of the Conegliano Post Office.


Presumably on the night between Saturday and Sunday, one or more vandals targeted these vehicles. The front windshields were hit with a hammer or sledgehammer, causing damage worth thousands of euros. In fact, the windows will have to be replaced and the cost is close to one thousand euros for each car. The incident was reported to the carabinieri, who started the investigation.

There were no witnesses and therefore it is assumed that the vandalism occurred during the night. The cars not belonging to the Italian Post Office were not touched: the thugs raged with violence on the vans and cars of the Italian Post Office. It seems clear that they were chosen specifically, even if the motive is not clear.


The certainty is that in May 2018, again at night, the tires of eight post office cars had been deflated at the Conegliano headquarters. In that case it was thought of a sort of protest for the service. In fact, at the time the hypothesis was a gesture dictated by the methods of reorganizing the service and delivery on alternate days. The other night, however, the ways in which one or more individuals have acted show an anger and a willingness to create damage in series. A premeditated act, not someone who wanted to make a “spite” by scratching the bodywork with a key, but someone who left the house with a bar or some blunt object with the intention of breaking the vehicles.

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The hypothesis of theft attempts is excluded, because all the front windows have been centered, which are the most resistant and that no thief would hit. Answers could arrive through the footage from the cameras of the municipal video surveillance system. The use of public parking that bothers some residents, a problem with Poste Italiane by some users, a sabotage of some former employee? It investigates 360 degrees. DIEGO BORTOLOTTO


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