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Hang gliding instructor does not tie up and falls for 300 meters, the pupil ends up in the trees and is saved

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After securing his flight companion, he did not tie himself up and, immediately after take-off, he remained hanging from the bar, falling into space after a surge of the two-seater hang glider. Thus the hang glider pilot Federico Baratto lost his life, falling for more than 300 meters into the void. It happened in Borso del Grappa, in the province of Treviso. As soon as the take-off took place from the Col del Puppolo delta platform at 850 meters above sea level, the dramatic situation was immediately clear, with the man untied, hooked to the strength of his arms, until he couldn’t make it anymore and gave up. the grip disappearing into the woods below. The hang glider continued without commands, and then fell among the trees, leaving the woman suspended in the void, among the branches of a plant, fortunately without consequences for her.

So the dead instructor took hang-gliding lessons

When the alarm went off at about 2.30 pm, the Treviso emergency helicopter identified the sail and landed with a 30-meter winch, doctor, nurse and helicopter rescue technician, and then flew to board a team of the Alpine Rescue of the Pedemontana del Grappa to start the search for the pilot. The helicopter rescue technician climbed the tree and lowered the woman to the ground. The rescuers, who were then joined by other teams, set off with the difficult and demanding patrol of the area. With the support of a dramatic video of the flight, in which the instructor is seen trying to get hooked and then fall, the teams circumscribed the area and moved inside a gully. Shortly before 5pm, the man’s lifeless body was found at the foot of some trees.

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