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Happy Airlines opens new routes in summer and autumn seasons – Heilongjiang News Network

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Happy Airlines opens new routes in summer and autumn seasons – Heilongjiang News Network

March 16, 2022 17:13:45

Source: Heilongjiang News Network

Author: Yang Xinyi

Happy Air Boeing 737-800

Heilongjiang News Network (Yang Xinyi)The national civil aviation summer and autumn season routes will be implemented at the end of March 2022. According to seasonal changes and market demand, Happy Airlines actively adjusts and optimizes its route structure, carefully arranges flight plans in summer and autumn, and will add a number of routes this season to provide passengers with high-quality and convenient air travel services.

After the season change, Happy Airlines will open three new routes: Harbin=Changsha=Beihai, Changsha=Taiyuan, Changsha=Quanzhou. The new routes are all operated by Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with Changsha as the center, connecting cities in Northeast China, North China, Southeast China and West China, providing passengers with abundant travel options and establishing convenient air passages.

Beihai, the new destination of Happy Airlines, is one of the important departure ports of the ancient “Maritime Silk Road” in my country. It has many beautiful natural landscapes and fascinating historical sites. Changsha is an important destination city of Happy Airlines. After the new route is opened, there will be a number of characteristic routes directly to popular cities such as Harbin, Beihai, Taiyuan, Quanzhou and Xi’an. The route network of Happy Airlines in the summer and autumn seasons provides passengers with rich travel choices, which also marks another step forward in the way of helping the construction of the New Silk Road Economic Belt and connecting cities under the “Belt and Road” initiative.

With the new flight season and a new starting point, Happy Airlines can better meet the diversified air travel needs of passengers by continuously improving its route network layout and rationally planning capacity deployment. Epidemic prevention and control cannot be slack. Happiness Airlines will continue to strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements to carry out pre-boarding ground support, pre-flight cabin cleaning and disinfection, in-flight service epidemic prevention and control, post-flight aircraft disinfection and in-flight waste disposal, etc. Make every effort to ensure the safety of passengers.

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