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HC denounces “persecution”, but prosecutor’s office is already evaluating US data.

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HC denounces “persecution”, but prosecutor’s office is already evaluating US data.

The Republican embrace between a man from Abdo like Mauricio Espínola and the president-elect Santi Peña, who symbolizes the red “concord” in both chambers, was put in check by Horacio Cartes’s complaint before the prosecutor’s office.

Write: Luis Allen.

As a result of the complaint made by Horacio Cartes before the Public Ministry alleging that he is enduring “political persecution”, the State Attorney General, Emiliano Rolón, affirmed that he is already evaluating the information sent by the United States about the accusations against the Colorado headline, as money laundering and criminal association with terrorism. HC accuses Marito Abdo of being the real instigator of the sanctions he received from the United States.

The head of the prosecution stated that he does not want a “judicialization of politics”, hinting that he would not follow up on Cartes’s request, who wants to divert attention from the serious sanctions he received from the USA, leading the case to set his sights about an alleged campaign against him promoted by those who wanted “the fall of the Colorado party” from the same Marito government.

As if opening the umbrella before it rains, Horacio Cartes filed a complaint against unnamed persons with the Prosecutor’s Office, feeling that he was the victim of a “persecution” that would not only have the intention of removing him from the political and even business scene, but also the alleged purpose of overthrow the ANR in the last elections.

The lawyer for the Colorado incumbent, Pedro Ovelar, said that one of the possible plotters of the anti-HC movement would have been Marito Abdo, which again suggests that after August 15 his already requested expulsion from the ANR could be finalized, which that would generate a situation of risk for the governability of Santi Peña.

The prosecution has the floor

Everything points to the fact that the Patrón HC, more than worrying about the progress of the country and the success of the Santi Peña government, is more pressured by his objective of closing any loophole through which he can be accused in the Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office, which is also not It has moved a lot despite the fact that the new Attorney General Emiliano Rolón has already been in office for almost five months and could have saved the US Justice the work of its prosecutors to eventually request the extradition of the former president.

Despite the “quiet” transfer of power promised to Chartism by Marito and verified with the benches of the Abdism of Fuerza Republicana in Congress joining the red “roller” and the opposition “satellites” to vote on the Chartist plans, it is striking that Horacio de In the same way, it has been proposed to make the presentation to the Prosecutor’s Office, where it does not expressly name the current president as the factotum of all his misfortunes, but the lawyer Ovelar was more explicit before the press by blaming Abdo Benítez, after presenting the letter in the Public Ministry accusing outgoing government offices of having “instigated” the United States and Brazilian investigations carried out against Cartes for money laundering, cigarette smuggling and the relationship with the terrorist group Hezbollah.

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In his statement of reasons before the Public Ministry, HC recounts “the political persecution” of which he was allegedly a victim since 2018 by “political groups” that “systematically generated false information and complaints about manipulated and distorted facts, which They sought to eliminate Horacio Cartes from public life, affecting his political and economic freedom,” using “various state bodies to create lies, above all to attract and generate contact with foreign offices, specifically from Brazil and the United States, who have been deceived with his false information, which led to proceedings and sanctions against President Horacio Cartes and the companies that were part of his group.”

For HC it is notorious that the “conspiracy” that later led to the international measures against him, had its local origin in the kidney of the Abdist government, with its impact on the anti-chartist press and the subsequent echo abroad, which later became he would have used to try to “fall the Colorado party”, with which the clear intention of linking the destiny of the ANR to that of Horacio and Chartism can be seen.

Threatened governance

The great unknown is to know how long the current red “harmony” will be able to endure the intention of going beyond the tacit pact of mutual impunity between HC and Marito, to be in the rush of the Patron to neutralize any possibility of judicial advance on him, given account of the kind of intimidation that the presentation of the complaint of “persecution” supposes for the attorney general himself.

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HC’s open pressure on justice could have disastrous consequences for the governability of Santi Peña, as already announced by deputy Mauricio Espínola, a man close to Abdo, who directly stated that Horacio’s complaint could affect the “unity” colorada both in Deputies and in the Senate.

But where Peña may have even more impact on the good progress of his government is in international cooperation with the United States and the European Union, which would not look favorably on the total supremacy of the “strong man” HC over the management of his dolphin, especially when there is now the stated intention of hindering the investigations into the accusations of various international crimes that weigh on the Patrón del Quincho.

Already appearing as very dependent on Horacio for key ministerial appointments, such as the notorious fact of the return of the managers of the Cartes group to the government in a reissue of the “revolving doors” to leave a dead letter a recent law to prohibit this atavistic practice of Chartism, the international qualification of Santi’s government management could fall to the ground and affect the normal flow of investments or credits to the country, in the case of verifying the inability of the judicial system to affirm its independence by not being able to take behind bars to political leaders with serious accusations against them for corruption or connections with drug traffickers.

The resignation of Senator Hernán Rivas to the presidency of the Magistrates’ Trial Jury (JEM) has been a Chartist “retreat” so as not to lengthen the controversy over the dubious moral and intellectual conditions of the “judge of judges” placed there by the Patron. At the same time, it is a matter of not overshadowing the inauguration of Santi Peña with dark clouds, through a case that shows the international community full body the only Chartist fully involved in the plot to bring to justice the Cartes designs.

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The matter of the repeal of the agreement with the European Union for educational transformation was also delayed, which returned to the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies after it had been rejected by the previous Senate with an anti-Cartoonist majority.

It is that the annulment of European cooperation in such an important field would simply mean a setback to the aspirations of a good government of Santi, while Paraguay is also in the eye of the world storm for being one of the main “exporters” of cocaine to Europe in recent years, having to show good writing in the proclaimed desire to turn education into the main instrument for improving the living conditions of the population, since many Paraguayans, if they do not emigrate due to the lack of opportunities of work, they must fall into the underworld of drug trafficking in order to survive.

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