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He calls for help as he descends from the mountain, but then gets lost in the woods

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ANDREIS. On the evening of Saturday 11 September, the men of the Alpine Rescue were engaged in two interventions: the first took place at 7.15 pm for the Maniago station, which is operating with three teams on Monte Fara together with the firefighters.

The caller was a man who said he got lost on his way down from the top of the mountain. He reported that he reached the summit at 4 pm and then started the descent and then got lost in the woods with no way out.

The Sores alerted the Maniago station, but then the man was no longer reachable on the phone. The Alpine Rescue technicians went up along the forest road and beat the downhill paths from the different sides.

The man would have reported seeing, from the point where he was, the lights of Andreis but the fear is that it was instead the lights of Montereale, which would mean that he was instead on the south side, which has sections with jumps of rock.

Forni Avoltri

On the other hand, three hikers were geolocated and asked for help at 9.30 pm, reporting that they were lost at the Bordaglia di Sotto dairy and that they had no lights with them. Three rescuers from the Forni Avoltri station took the off-road vehicle to meet them.


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