Home News He crashes into a rock after being thrown into the void: Mustafa Kia dies at 36

He crashes into a rock after being thrown into the void: Mustafa Kia dies at 36

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He crashes into a rock after being thrown into the void: Mustafa Kia dies at 36

His name was Mustafa Kia, he was 36 years old, he was originally from Afghanistan and lived in Bologna with his girlfriend. He is the man who lost his life in Trentino this afternoon, on the rocky ridge “Denti della Sega”, Monti Lessini, at about 1,400 meters above sea level. From an initial reconstruction of the Alpine Rescue, it seems that he was practicing an “extreme sport” which consists in throwing himself into the void secured to a “highline” (a special ribbon stretched between two supports), and then swinging like a pendulum.

Also on the Denti della Sega, in this same period in 2018, a boy from Spilamberto died, Matteo Pancaldi. Mustafa and his companions were also in Trentino to remember that disappearance.

For reasons to be ascertained, the 36-year-old crashed into the rock face below, hanging from a rope about 70 meters below the “highline”. The alarm was given by the companions, shortly after 4 pm. The operators of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue of Ala intervened, transported to the place by helicopter. Once there, a helicopter rescue technician lowered the winch to the height of the man, recovering him. The attempts at resuscitation were useless: the doctor could not help but ascertain the death.

Kia, an Afghan refugee, was born in Daikondi on March 5, 1986. He was a photographer and videomaker busy with his work. in the defense of human rights. In Bologna he had been welcomed years ago by the Red Cross and had collaborated for various NGOs. In the past he had won several prizes and had won the “Art residencies in Basilicata 2014” competition, promoted by the Region in collaboration with the Città della Pace Foundation. On that occasion he had made the documentary “P come Pace” together with refugee minors welcomed in Santarcangelo (Potenza).

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