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He died mowed down in Fonzaso: the driver was asked to be indicted

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He died mowed down in Fonzaso: the driver was asked to be indicted

The prosecutor has closed the investigation and asked for the indictment of the hijacker who, in November 2021, hit and killed Emilia Santurini, 63 years old from Fonzaso, while walking along the side of the road in via Fenadora. The victim’s family members have entrusted Giesse Compensation Danni, a group specializing in the protection of the families of victims of fatal road accidents, and are following the trial in the courtroom through the lawyer Nives Zanon. The preliminary hearing, in the Court of Belluno, has been set for October 27th.

“The family is still torn by grief – commented Marco Merotto and Gennaro Pisacane, of Giesse Compensation Damage – The drama of the event that evening was in fact also added to the reckless and immoral conduct of the motorist who mowed down the woman, hurling her beyond beyond a fence 165 centimeters high, and fled without helping her. Emilia died only later, in the courtyard of the company, due to the serious injuries sustained following the investment ».

It all begins on the morning of November 16, 2021 when the employee of a company in via Fenadora calls the carabinieri, saying that she has found the lifeless body of a woman inside the courtyard. The investigators discover that it is Emilia Santurini, whose disappearance had been reported by her husband the previous evening. Investigations start. From the numerous debris found at the scene of the accident, the carabinieri go back to the model of the car, a Ford Fiesta, and crossing the data into the system they discover the owner, a 24-year-old from Feltre who works in a company in the area. The young man admits the incident, explaining that he took a pole and a wall the night before, but the version is not believed to be credible. Thanks to the cameras in the area – which do not frame the place of the accident but only the passage of the woman and then the vehicle – it is possible to trace the time of the accident, 18.54, and the estimated speed of the car, 54 km / h . The prosecutor also asks for a computer report on the boy’s cell phone that detects an exchange of messages between 18.48 and 18.51. Elements that, however, are not considered fundamental for the purposes of the investigation, so much so that in the charge there is no mention of them.

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The technical consultant of the prosecutor, engineer Andrea Calzavara, concludes in this way: “It is not plausible that the suspect in normal psychophysical conditions, although presumably distracted while driving, may not have been aware of the investment”. The prosecutor, therefore, asked for the young man to be indicted for road murder, escape and wrongful death. The judge’s decision is now awaited.

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