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He dies of a 19-year-old footballer illness, he had arrived from Senegal – Puglia

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He dies of a 19-year-old footballer illness, he had arrived from Senegal – Puglia

Goalkeeper of the Asd Rinascita Refugees in Salento


(ANSA) – LECCE, APRIL 17 – Arrived in Italy at the age of 16 from Senegal with many dreams, his athletic skills were immediately noticed by the Asd Rinascita Refugees, where he played as a goalkeeper. Yesterday morning, however, 19-year-old Ndione Souleymane was found dead in the bed of his uncle’s house in Milan, where he had gone to spend a month before returning to Salento, expected to play in the multi-ethnic formation made up of asylum seekers and guests of the Sprar project. The young footballer would have died of an illness.

Today it was the same club, which allows you to learn a trade and play football, to spread the news of the death on its social channels. “We are shocked. The news of the death of our Souleymane, a very young goalkeeper of the Asd Rinascita Refugees – writes the company – leaves us breathless. A young man in the prime of his best age, full of dreams and hopes. The passion for football and the desire to get to play in a prestigious club to be able to help his family in Senegal”. “Right from the start – adds the club – he stood out for his physical prowess and for his feline instinct between the posts, a natural talent that the coaches have gradually been able to refine. An histrionic character, typical of those who choose to being the goalkeeper. A rarity but also a certainty that the team has been able to pamper and grow in capacity and security”. Souleymane, before coming of age and then taking on the role of the Refugees goalkeeper, was the protagonist in the national tournaments organized by the Rete project, organized by the FIGC youth and school sector, winning the championship in the 2021 edition and resulting in the best goalkeeper in the league. We are all heartbroken by the pain of a very young life that ended too soon. Bye, Souleymane, may the earth be light on you”. (HANDLE).

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