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He fatally ran over a woman in Meano Motorist acquitted in court

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He fatally ran over a woman in Meano Motorist acquitted in court

Acquitted because the fact does not exist. This is the sentence issued a few hours ago by the judge, Dr. Antonella Coniglio, President of the Court of Belluno, against Kyd Fontana, the 40-year-old from Belluno who on 18 January 2019 ran over and killed Vittoria Maria Cappello as she was crossing the street in Santa Giustina, in a few meters from the pedestrian crossing, along the road that leads to the center of the hamlet of Meano

The woman’s family, 76 years old at the time, entrusted Giesse Risarcimento Danni, a group specializing in the protection of family members of victims of fatal road accidents, and has already managed to obtain fair compensation out of court. Today, on the other hand, the criminal proceeding in which the family members had not joined as civil parties has also concluded.

“We obviously respect the judge’s decision,” comments Gennaro Pisacane, head of the Giesse Risarcimento Danni office in Belluno. «However, we expected a different sentence, also in the light of what emerged during the investigation. In any case, we are satisfied to have obtained, in the out-of-court phase and even before the conclusion of the criminal trial, fair compensation for Mrs. Vittoria’s family members who, almost four years after the accident, are still very shaken. We will now wait to read the reasons for today’s decision».

«It’s true, the defendant hadn’t been drinking and wasn’t using his cell phone», continues Pisacane, «but the court-appointed technical consultant had underlined that the motorist had plenty of time and space available to be able to avoid the collision. Instead, he ran over the woman close to a pedestrian crossing ».


Today’s sentence, Friday 13 January, also restores a minimum of serenity to the 40-year-old from Belluno, who is known for his work as a mechanic and rally driver.

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