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He stalks and threatens the ex, then tries to snatch her cellphone, arrested

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Treviso, the woman took refuge in a room in the center, where the owner tried to save her from the 40-year-old out of control

TREVISO. She hides in a club to avoid the ex who persecutes her, but he finds her and tries to snatch her cell phone so that she doesn’t call the police. Arrested for stalking in the act of committing a crime.

The episode on Monday around 11.10 in the morning, in the center of Treviso, when a call from a woman who was walking in front of her ex-partner, CL, forty-year-old Italian, arrived on the emergency line of 113 .

The man, with whom the victim had woven a romantic relationship, stood in front of her and began to insult and threaten her, annoyed by the simple fact that she was around the city and at the same time attracting the attention of some passers-by who they tried to make him give up but were unable to do so.

The woman sought refuge in a well-known commercial space in the center, calling the police in the hope that he, frightened by the arrival of the agents, could give up. Nothing to do, only thanks to the intervention of the shop owner he was unable to take his cell phone. While the agents heard the woman to try to calm her, he stood at the shop window from where he insisted on his ex-partner with a threatening expression.

The man had two warnings behind him for serious stalking against his two exes, while it appeared to have been denounced a few days earlier precisely because he was responsible for episodes of violence against his latest girlfriend, causing her injuries deemed curable in 20 days .

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He was eventually arrested for persecutory acts and attempted theft and taken to prison.

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