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He wounds his brother with a knife after a fight: arrested for attempted murder

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In Olmedo, a thirty-year-old hits his relative with some blows and then runs away. The carabinieri track him down and take him to the Bancali prison

OLMEDO. The carabinieri arrested a thirty-year-old man, the charge is attempted murder. Yesterday morning, November 30, in Olmedo, in an apartment in the city center, a quarrel broke out between two cohabiting brothers, the first of 30 and the second of 44 years: the heated verbal discussion, apparently arisen for futile reasons, degenerates in a short time and the house, also inhabited by the elderly parents, becomes the scene of bloody violence. The reasons that triggered the discussion are not clear, but the epilogue is certain, as reconstructed by the Carabinieri of the Operational and Radiomobile Nucleus of Alghero, in support of the Olmedo Station: during the discussion the younger of the two brothers (in passed already subjected to mandatory health treatment), after grabbing a kitchen knife, he pounced on his brother, slashing deep into the chest, arm and head.

The attack did not last long, the incredulous and terrified parents do their utmost to help their injured son. Help arrives in a short time, M. of 44 years is immediately transported to the emergency room for the deep wounds suffered, is conscious and out of danger of life; S. aged 30 in the meantime leaves home, in an attempt to lose track of himself. A race against time for the Carabinieri Company of Alghero which, thanks to its articulations, was able to act quickly and immediately on several fronts: the Carabinieri Station of Olmedo immediately went to the family home, proceeding with the inspection activities and collect useful information for a first reconstruction of the event.

The inspection also made it possible to find and seize the weapon used for the attack: a modestly sized kitchen knife; the Carabinieri Station of Alghero, on the other hand, immediately reached the emergency room of the Riviera del Corallo, receiving the declarations of the injured party and obtaining further precious elements useful for reconstructing the dynamics of the attack; the Nucleo Operativo e Radiomobile, activated at the same time in the research of the young man on the run, was finally able to receive the necessary information from his colleagues for the relative tracing, which then took place in the Sassari countryside.

The incessant searches, which lasted for a few hours, made it possible to locate the young man in a farm in the Sassari area, a place where the workers found the clothes still soaked in blood, hidden after a quick change of clothes. Precisely in that place, given the seriousness of the injuries inflicted, S. aged 30 was declared under arrest on charges of attempted murder. At the end of the formalities, the arrested person was finally taken to prison in Bancali and the validation hearing will be held in the next few days. The investigations of the Carabinieri of Olmedo will now focus on the precise reconstruction of the dynamics to understand the reasons for so much violence

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