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Heading to Mexico to show his skills

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Heading to Mexico to show his skills

Julian Andres Santa

Rodrigo Buitrago, director of RBC Cazatalentos de Pereira and sports psychologist, leads the agreement with which the two Pereiran players Carlos Humbero Osorio and Juan José Cardona, traveled yesterday to Mexico, where they will participate in oversight sessions in which they will be able to show all their skills with the ball, seeking to obtain an opportunity, which has been scarce in their city.

What did you notice about the players?

“We saw their qualities, we made them a process of modernization and improvement of skills in the last two weeks and they were already able to travel to Mexico with the support of their parents and they will have an option in several teams in this country so that they can see them, they can have friendly matches and hopefully they can achieve their respective goals.”

Opportunity to those who have not had it

Similarly, Rodrigo Buitrago explained that his objective has been to be able to serve as a link between good players who have lacked more opportunities. “In recent years we have dedicated ourselves to detecting and selecting players from municipalities, neighborhoods, villages, looking mainly for those who have not had many opportunities. We have managed to bring players to Chicó, Patriotas and now in this first operation that we do with these two youngsters who were free”.

To earn a place in Mexico

Full name: Carlos Humberto Osorio González

Age: 22 years old, from the La Macarena neighborhood of Dosquebradas

Career: He debuted in the second division of Venezuela with the JBL Clubes team in Pereira:
Deportivo Pereira, Minor Divisions, FC Professionals, River Plate de Pereira and Fantasies New York.

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Position: Right Winger

Characteristics: Skillful with the ball, good shot and goalscorer.

Ethis said after the opportunity

“I am very happy, I have very high expectations, I am going to give everything and leave the name of the country high. I made my debut in 2021 in the second division in Venezuelan soccer, I hope that in Mexico everything can turn out in the best way and with all the attitude ”.

Full name: Juan José Cardona Arcila

Age: 20 years old, from the Cerro Azul neighborhood of Dosquebradas

Career: Suzuki FC, Profesionales FC, Club Sócrates Valencia FC and Club Atlético Arabia.

Position: Mixed midfielder

Characteristics: With great technique to recover and generate Game and with a strong mid-distance shot.

This was stated by Juan José Cardona

“My football career began when I was five years old playing for Suzuki FC, from there I went to Professionals, then I made the leap to Sócrates Valencia FC and ended up playing in Arabia. The expectations are very high since it is a very important opportunity for both my partner and me. We have been waiting for it since we were children and it is time to go with the maximum potential and with the best attitude towards Mexico”.

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