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Health brigade of the Lions Club in Boca de Raspadura

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Health brigade of the Lions Club in Boca de Raspadura

Solomon Garcia Cordoba

For Solomon Garcia Cordoba

In application of our slogan “WE SERVE”, the Quibdó Chocó Monarca Lions Club, in integration with the IPS MEDICHOCO, organized a health brigade in the Boca de Raspadura community, corregimiento of the Cantón de San Pablo municipality.

To get to this town, you have to travel along a road built by illegal miners for the movement of their machinery, and along the road you can see the havoc caused by said exploitations.

The town has some 154 homes and lacks the basic services that allow them to have a better state of health (a common denominator of the Choco towns). There is an aqueduct that has not been working for two years, since the pumping system to drive the water to an elevated tank was damaged.

To get to the town, you must cross the ravine Raspadura and another called Zabaleta that prevent the passage of vehicles when it rains, since there are no bridges, so that if the ravines grow when you are in the town, you have to stay until they dry.

According to comments from some residents, in the mayoral elections, the candidates promise the construction of these bridges, but when the mayoral candidate arrives, he forgets about the promises.

I was able to corroborate that the path of the road corresponds to the waterway where the canoes used to go up to reach the place they called “Canal del Cura”; This is feasible since at that time the forests had not been cleared, the streams and rivers had sufficient flow for the transit of boats.

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The truth is that this route reduces the distance from Quibdó to Raspadura, since, notwithstanding, the difficulties that arise due to the damage caused by the machines, from Boca de Raspadura to Managrú the canoes driven by motors Outboards take an hour; From Managrú to the Quito River it takes another hour, and with the greater flow of this river, it is faster to reach Quibdó, passing through Villa Conto and San Isidro.

Returning to the issue of the health brigade, it is considered that it was very important, since there was a group of professionals and assistants from different disciplines:

General medicine

Blood screening to detect blood sugar (glycemia).

Cytology shots.

Screenings for laboratory tests


Vaccination for Covid and Regular Pai

Arterial hypertension.

Family planning, Growth and development

Delivery of medicines.

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