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Health Hernández-Mora: “Bukele swept Petro”

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Health Hernández-Mora: “Bukele swept Petro”

This Friday, the Spanish journalist Salud Hernández-Mora assured that President Nayib Bukele had achieved what President Gustavo Petro would have wanted: win the approval of the people.

“I feel sorry for Gustavo Petro. He will be suffering a lot. He was convinced that he would be the new Latin American leader, the ‘Messiah’ who would lead the region to paradise and see what life is. Bukele swept Petro,” said the journalist during a report.

Hernández-Mora assured that President Nayib Bukele has earned the respect of the people with effective measures and demonstrating that by working together with his cabinet, the reality of a nation can be transformed. Unlike Gustavo Petro, who tries to win approval with populism.

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