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Healthcare, CGIL, CISL and UIL: “In terms of the PNRR, it is essential to involve the territories”

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Criticism of the method of the Region and Asl / To4 and on the merit of the drafts circulated on Health Homes and community hospitals. Some mayors have been invited for a discussion: “We must not divide ourselves, it is an issue that concerns everyone”

No to top-down projects, but a constructive dialogue that starts from the bottom and involves all the actors because there is a lot at stake, that is, the construction of a new model of territorial health. Thus the managers of Cgil, Cisl and Uil del Canavese, Angelica Liotine, Stanislao Patalani and Luca Cortese in a meeting on Friday afternoon, at the Uil headquarters in Ivrea. The premises for the practical implementation of the NRP on the health sector, however, are not good at all for the union. Times are tight, the Region has not opened any confrontation and least of all the ASL / To4. Less than a week before the ASL / To4 mayors’ conference, scheduled for next Thursday, and close to the presentation of the plan for financing, health houses and community houses, very little has been talked about at the local level. And to say that it is a strategic topic both in terms of the services to be provided to citizens and as an element of development of a territory. Thus the union explains that it has invited a group of mayors of the territory of the two districts to a meeting to understand if and what was the method of comparison on the construction of territorial health care.

“These are crucial days – explained Luca Cortese – and yet there is no comparison. Given the times, the ASL / To4 plan will therefore be a mere communication while in other healthcare companies there have been opportunities for good level study”.

The same drafts that run on the eve of the conference of mayors have some discrepancies. In the Ivrea district, community houses are planned in Corso Nigra in Ivrea (former clinic) and Caluso (current clinic), in Cuorgnè in Rivarolo (via Piave) and former hospital in Castellamonte. The Community hospital is located in the Ivrea district, still in the Corso Nigra clinic, while in the Cuorgnè district it is in the former Castellamonte hospital. As regards the territorial operations centers, they are foreseen in the Community polyclinic for the Ivrea district and in the former Castellamonte hospital for the Cuorgnè district.

The union wonders about these locations. What were the criteria for placing these services? And, above all, what do they actually mean, considering that, in some cases, they are already active structures? With which personnel will they work? On the occasion, the current situation was also taken into account, with the emergency room of the Cuorgnè hospital still closed, the shortage of staff that has now become chronic and the waiting lists.

The theme of the construction of a new territorial health care, the union underlines, concerns everyone and, in the presence of funds, it is a historic opportunity not to be wasted. For this, however, dialogue and discussion are needed: “The territory must create a system and not divide. The goal is to have quality services that everyone can access “.

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