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Heart attack at the restaurant in Castelfranco, the traffic police save him

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Heart attack at the restaurant in Castelfranco, the traffic police save him

The intervention of one is providential patrol of the local police of Castelfranco Saturday in the early afternoon to save the life of AL, a 58-year-old castellan hit by a heart attack while he was having lunch at the Tower in the center of a Castelfranco to celebrate a birthday together with the elderly parents, their child, other family members.

Now the 58-year-old is hospitalized in the intensive care unit, but without the intervention of the patrol the outcome could have been tragic.

AL was at the restaurant, celebrating his elderly father’s birthday, at one point his face blanched and leaned his head against the table. They immediately realized that it was something serious.


Was lying on the ground, the waiters held his head up, his son tried to rescue him and at that moment a local customer saw a local police patrol walking by. She went to call the two officers and accompanied them to where the 58-year-old had suffered a heart attack. Suem’s intervention had already been requested but the minutes were precious, because his face was cyanotic and there was no sign of a heartbeat.

At that point, an agent freed the 58-year-old’s airway while his colleague started practicing on him heart massage. Once, twice, three times and on until the man took a breath and the pulse began to beat slowly.


It seemed done, but almost immediately the heartbeat stopped again. At that point the agent of the local police of Castelfranco resumed giving him the heart massage, the pulse started beating faintly but he never stopped until the doctors arrived in the restaurant from the San Giacomo hospital. Interminable minutes, with the agent busy doing the heart massage to prevent the heart from stopping again.

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Once ambulances and a medical car arrived, the 58-year-old was entrusted to the care of the doctors, the doctor applied the defibrillator and his heartbeat resumed, so the man was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital where he was admitted to intensive care.

Those minutes of heart massage by local police officers, who averted a tragedy, were essential.

Nothing made us think of what happened, the 58-year-old castellano is a sportsman, he had never had heart problems, there was no warning while he was celebrating the father’s birthdaythen suddenly he had collapsed because his heart had stopped and only the promptness of help, first of the son and the restaurant staff, of the two local police officers then, of the San Giacomo health workers finally, allowed to save him. the life.

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