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Heartless thieves steal a special tricycle from a disabled man, the appeal: “Help me find him” [notiziediprato.it]

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Heartless thieves steal a special tricycle from a disabled man, the appeal: “Help me find him” [notiziediprato.it]

Heartless thieves steal a special tricycle from a disabled man, the appeal: “Help me find him”

The theft was committed on Thursday afternoon outside the Galciana post office where the 64-year-old was to renew the spid. Among other things, the man went into debt to be able to buy it. “The doctor recommended it to me”

The thieves who took away the blue pedal-assisted tricycle parked outside the Galciana post office on Thursday afternoon do not know the damage they have done to its rightful owner and if they know it, they prove to be heartless. Those three wheels are very important to Paolo Pellegrini because they help him have a minimum of autonomy and because they were recommended to him by his doctor to improve blood circulation so as not to further worsen his health conditions. In fact, the 64-year-old from Galciana has a motor disability and has been able to move only with crutches for two years.
Thanks to the tricycle, which he himself equipped with a tube to accommodate crutches, he was able to go shopping and run some errands without having to ask anyone for help. Since Thursday afternoon, however, he is back on foot and also in debt. In fact, he spent 1,600 euros for that tricycle, covered by taking out a loan. “I only have a pension of around 700 euros – he tells us – I could not have done otherwise”. A recent purchase – the vehicle has only 35 kilometers – which was successful after long searches: “Here in the area you couldn’t find anything like this. – he explains showing us the user manual, the only thing left to him – Only in northern Italy. On the other hand, the doctor was clear: I have to pedal to reactivate circulation. Electric wheelchairs aren’t good because they make me autonomous but they don’t help me do specific physical activity. I only use the help when there are hills. I finally bought it on the internet. Now I really don’t know how to do it. I can’t buy it back and I’m on crutches. Thursday afternoon I went to the post office to renew the spid and as long as I could I kept an eye on the tricycle parked outside. I was only distracted for a few minutes to do the operation and when I finished there was nothing left. I couldn’t find the chain either. In my opinion they uploaded it somewhere without cutting anything. Tried asking around but no one saw anything. The police arrived, they asked me everything and then they told me to go to the police station the next day to formalize the report and specify those details that could be useful in case it was found to be sure it was my tricycle. Yeah, but how do I get there? A gentleman from the bar where I stopped to ask for information helped me to get home”.
In the amount of work that the police forces have to do every day, we understand that there are priorities just as we know that bike thefts are numerous and daily, but this is not just any theft because being so indispensable for a frail person , makes that vehicle an object of great value. Do you remember the story with a happy ending of the hug tandem stolen in the city from an autistic child and found a few days later by the police? We would like Paolo Pellegrini’s sad story to have the same ending, aware of asking for a further sacrifice from our tireless law enforcement agencies. And if this road proves dead-end, we turn to the great generosity of the citizens to buy a new tricycle. “I appeal for both solutions. – concludes Paolo – I really don’t know how to do without that tricycle”. There is also a third possibility: the thief could put a hand on his conscience and backtrack. This really would be the coolest ending.

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