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Heat | The heat disappears from today, the cloud is light and the sky is high-Xinmin.com

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“The sun is over and the sun has turned into rain.” In the twenty-four solar terms, the arrival of the summer heat means that the hot weather of the year is about to pass completely. With “an autumn rain and a cold”, the weather will come more and more. The cooler it gets, it gradually enters the autumn season.

Lu Lobby said: “The four seasons are good, the new autumn season is best.” Chushu is such a good time to celebrate. Although the heat has not yet been completely eliminated, autumn will slowly penetrate into the cool autumn rain, and gradually usher in a new autumn with high sky and pale geese flying high.

For coastal areas, every year before and after the heat, there is a big event: the opening of the fishing festival. Thousands of people gathered, colorful flags hunted, crowds of people, thousands of horses competed, the fishermen used loud chants and grand ceremonies to pray for a smooth weather, a safe sea, and a good harvest. Thousands of fishing boats met end to end, chopped through the waves, and sailed into the depths of the sea. The scene was magnificent. Behind every fishing boat is the burden and dream of fishermen’s life, and it also brings back the fresh and beautiful “taste of the sea”.

Data Map: East China Sea Fishing Festival

Fisheries experts said that after the heat, the water temperature in the sea is still high, fish schools will still stay around the sea, and the fish, shrimps and shellfish will mature. During this period, the East China Sea will be fully fished, and the seafood feast for Shanghai people will officially open.

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In the small vegetable market, fresh swimming crabs, hairtail, pomfret, yellow croaker, pipi prawns, etc. are all on the market. On the dining table, grilled port crab with tofu freshly loses eyebrows; steamed yellow croaker puts a bit of pickles on top of it to bring out the umami; braised octopus can be eaten on a compact disc; the soup of fried squash clams with loofah is used for bibimbap, all of which are Shanghai Mu Ma’s expertise Dishes.

In addition to seafood, there is also a folk tradition of eating ducks in summer. The old duck is sweet in taste and cool in nature. The methods are also varied, including white sliced ​​duck, lemon duck, ginger duck, roast duck, lotus leaf duck, walnut duck and so on. It is said that Beijingers will buy Chushu Lily Duck on the day of Chushu. But in Jiangsu, to prepare duck dishes, you must first serve a bowl to your neighbors, as the saying goes, “Send ducks in the summer, and every family is disease-free.”

Lily is also a suitable food in the summer season. As the climate gradually becomes dry, it is appropriate to eat foods that nourish yin and moisturize dryness. Eating lilies, pears, white fungus, sand ginseng, etc. is the same principle. Other folklore experts say that in the past, people would eat more meat at this time. “The folks believe that in the hot summer weather, people’s bodies will be depleted to varying degrees. In autumn, they can start tonic, and eat more meat to replenish energy.”

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The clouds were light and light, and the wind was clear and cool. Summer is gone, and autumn is here. Chushu is the time to say goodbye to summer. When the autumn colors are gradually spreading in the world, I hope you will be happy and happy.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Zhang Yuyun

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