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Heavy snow weather and heavy snowfall will continue in the south-central Inner Mongolia_Ulanqab City_Hohhot_Region

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Heavy snow weather and heavy snowfall will continue in the south-central Inner Mongolia_Ulanqab City_Hohhot_Region

Original title: Heavy snow has occurred in the south of central Inner Mongolia, heavy snowfall will continue

Central Broadcasting Network Hohhot March 17 news (Reporter Wang Qiulei) On March 17, the reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Meteorological Bureau that from 01:00 on March 17 to 11:00 on March 17, 41 banner counties in 8 league cities in Inner Mongolia Precipitation occurred at 48 stations, ranging from 0.1 to 11.5 mm. Among them, blizzards occurred in Liangcheng County of Ulanqab City and Dongsheng National Basic Meteorological Station in Ordos City, Hohhot City and Linger National Meteorological Observatory, Zhuozi County of Ulanqab City, and Tuoketuo National Meteorological Observation Station of Hohhot City There was heavy snow at 14 stations and so on.

The national highway in Shangdu County, Ulanqab City is covered with heavy snow (Photo by Wang Yajing, issued by China Central Broadcasting Network)

According to the forecast of the Inner Mongolia Meteorological Observatory, due to the influence of the inverted trough and the continued eastward movement of the shear line, from 11:00 on March 17 to 20:00 on the 18th, there will be rain and snow in parts of the central and western parts of Inner Mongolia and the southern part of the east, and light rain or rain will turn in the western part. Sleet weather is the main weather, and most of the central and southern parts of the east are dominated by sleet or light snow; among them, the northeastern part of Baotou City, most of Hohhot City, Ulanqab City, the central and southern parts of Xilin Gol League, There is moderate snow in the western and southern areas of Chifeng City; heavy snow and local blizzards in the eastern part of Hohhot City, the southern part of Ulanqab City, the southern part of Xilin Gol League, and the southwestern part of Chifeng City.

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The Garden Sanitation Bureau of Jining District, Ulanqab City carried out snow removal operations (Photo courtesy of the Jining District Garden Sanitation Bureau issued by the Central Radio Network)

From 8:00 on March 18 to 8:00 on the 19th, after the snowfall, the temperature in the east-west and west-central areas dropped by about 6 degrees, the temperature in the south-central area dropped by 6 to 8 degrees, and the temperature in some areas dropped by more than 8 degrees. Level 5 northwesterly winds in the Hetao area, and local gusts can reach levels 6 and 7.

The Inner Mongolia Meteorological Bureau reminds the public and relevant departments to pay close attention to the process of precipitation, cooling, and strong winds. The east-west and south-east west areas are affected by snowy weather. During the snowfall period, there will be reduced visibility and slippery roads, which will affect transportation. Adverse effects, the western facility agriculture needs to take measures such as reinforcement, and the pastoral areas should strengthen the warmth of people and animals, prevent wind and return to grazing in time; the public should pay attention to the local weather forecast at any time. Relevant departments are requested to pay attention to the latest weather forecast and disaster warning information in a timely manner, and take preventive measures in advance.

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