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Hefei, Anhui: Epidemic prevention must abandon “outdated” practices and refrain from “excessive” practices | Zaobao

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The Hefei City Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference in Anhui Province, China stated that the epidemic prevention method must abandon “outdated” practices and refrain from “excessive” practices, and strengthen prevention and control in key places, provide more accurate tracking services for special groups, and improve medical treatment capabilities.

According to the “Hefei Daily” report, Yu Aihua, member of the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee, hosted a video conference on epidemic prevention and control on Monday (December 5).

The meeting pointed out that although the current “dual pressure” of the city’s epidemic prevention import and internal defense rebound continues to increase, the situation is generally controllable. Every step of the optimization measures requires scientific and prudent evaluation, weighing the pros and cons of the choice, and taking responsibility without complaint or regret. At present, we must abandon “outdated” practices and refrain from “excessive” practices.

According to the meeting, Hefei’s economy has maintained a steady and positive development trend this year, and the demand for enterprise recruitment and job hunting is “booming”.Meanwhile alsoStrengthened guidance to help various construction sites and large enterprises to do a good job in epidemic prevention services for new recruits.

In terms of epidemic prevention measures, the meeting said that it is necessary to continue to strengthen the prevention and control of key places, especially elderly care institutions, welfare homes, funeral parlors, prisons and other units, and strictly implement closed-loop operations for staff and closed-loop management of vehicle entry and exit.

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The 12345 hotline in Hefei has recently received more than 50,000 cases on a daily average. It is necessary to deploy additional personnel according to traffic changes and implement a flexible working system to ensure that all reasonable suggestions are “taken as much as possible.”

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to further calculate the number of special groups such as the elderly living alone, left-behind children, the disabled, and pregnant women, and provide more accurate tracking services. Elderly people without vaccination contraindications should complete the vaccination as soon as possible, and all localities should provide door-to-door services as much as possible.

The meeting also stated that all localities should further coordinate and make good use of various medical resources within their jurisdictions, do a good job in the storage and construction of medical supplies, medical personnel, designated hospitals, etc., and continuously improve medical treatment capabilities and material security levels.

Hefei on Sunday (December 4)Emphasize that epidemic prevention can neither be “increased by layers”, nor can it be “discounted by layers”

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