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Heilongjiang Province “Extraordinary Decade” theme series of press conferences Reform|Reform has become the theme of Longjiang revitalization in the new era

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Heilongjiang Province “Extraordinary Decade” theme series of press conferences Reform|Reform has become the theme of Longjiang revitalization in the new era

August 26, 2022 07:46:23

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Sang Lei

News from our newspaper on the 25th (reporter Sang Lei)On the 25th, the fourth session of the “Heilongjiang Province ‘Extraordinary Decade’ Theme Series Press Conference” sponsored by the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department was held. The theme of the conference was “Unswervingly Deepening Reform and Constantly Stimulating the Vitality of Revitalization and Development”. Shao Chunhe, deputy director of the Office of the Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, said at the press conference that over the past ten years, our province has implemented more than 370 reform tasks deployed by the Central Deep Reform Commission (group), and carried out more than 200 reform pilot projects. A total of nearly 1,200 institutional and institutional achievements have been formed. The reform measures in the main fields of our province have been basically launched, the four beams and eight pillars have basically been established, the institutional system has basically been formed, and the systematic and integrated coordination of the reform has been continuously enhanced.

Shao Chunhe said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee has incorporated the comprehensive deepening of reforms into the “Four Comprehensives” strategic layout and made a series of major arrangements. The Provincial Party Committee resolutely implemented the reform plan of the Party Central Committee and insisted on making good use of the “key trick” of the reform. In particular, the 13th Provincial Party Congress clearly put forward “unswervingly deepen reform and opening up, and continuously stimulate the vitality of revitalization and development”, taking deepening reform and opening up as a fundamental solution to speed up the realization of comprehensive revitalization Development requires a way out from reform and a future from reform, so as to promote the province’s reform and opening up to a deeper level and a higher level.

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In the past ten years, Heilongjiang’s reforms have concentrated on tackling tough problems and making key breakthroughs.

Firmly grasp the “two unshakable”, coordinately promote the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, support the reform of private enterprises, property rights protection, entrepreneurship, optimize the business environment reform, adjust and optimize the layout and structure of the state-owned economy, and the reform of the “three major groups” has achieved history Major breakthroughs have been made, the main tasks of the three-year action have been basically completed, the modern enterprise system has been continuously improved, and the vitality and creativity of the non-public economy have been significantly enhanced.

Firmly grasp the main line of supply-side structural reform, highlight the reform of the property rights system and the market-based allocation of factors, promote the basic reforms of finance, taxation, finance, investment, and prices in an integrated manner, accelerate the reform of the construction of a high-standard market system, smooth the national economic cycle, and promote quality reform , efficiency changes, and power changes, injecting new momentum into high-quality development.

Firmly grasp innovation as the strategic basis of revitalization and development, centering on the realization of high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance, comprehensively promote the reform of scientific and technological plans, capital projects, talent incentives, achievement transformation, and evaluation mechanisms, continuously deepen the reform of the intellectual property system, and start the implementation of the reform of the scientific and technological system. The three-year action has fully stimulated the innovation and creativity of the whole society, and major steps have been taken in the reform of the scientific and technological system.

Firmly grasp the development direction of modern agriculture, further promote the reform of the “separation of rights among the three rights” in the rural land system, the reform of the rural collective property rights system, the comprehensive reform of grain purchase and storage and supply and marketing cooperatives, improve the agricultural support and protection system, and improve the effective connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. , the system and mechanism of urban-rural integrated development, solidly promote common prosperity, and achieve fruitful results in agricultural and rural reform.

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Firmly grasp the creation of a new frontier of opening up, insist on promoting reform, development and innovation through opening up, actively serve and deeply integrate into the “Belt and Road” construction, encourage open platforms such as the New Area Pilot Free Trade Zone to carry out differentiated exploration, and continuously deepen Longyue, Shenzhen and Guangdong. Kazakhstan has cooperated with counterparts to promote the transformation from the flow-based opening of commodity factors to the institutional-based opening, and the all-round high-level opening is full of vitality.

In the past ten years, Heilongjiang’s reforms have benefited the people and enterprises, and improved well-being.

Focus on promoting better and more balanced education, implement the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, reform the education evaluation and supervision system, coordinate the promotion of the integrated development of urban and rural education and the “double first-class” construction, steadily promote the reform of the examination and training system, and deepen the reform and promotion of vocational education. The integration of production and education, support and standardize the development of private education, and further improve the ability and level of education governance.

Focus on improving the comprehensive and full-cycle health service system, coordinate the promotion of the “three medical linkages” and the reform of medical alliance, medical community, and medical and elderly care integration, solidly promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, and completely cancel the addition of drugs and medical consumables in public medical institutions. , improve the modern hospital management system, reform and improve the epidemic prevention and control system and mechanism, and achieve remarkable results in the reform of the medical and health system.

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Focus on improving people’s quality of life, comply with the people’s new expectations for a better life, and continue to deepen comprehensive reforms covering the entire life cycle of the people, including employment, income, social security, housing, culture and sports, living environment, household registration system, and social governance. Deepening judicial, political and legal reforms, promoting social fairness and justice, and people living and working in peace and contentment, Longjiang’s people’s happiness index has been continuously improved.

Focus on planting green ecological advantages, deepen the reform of the ecological civilization system, establish and improve the property rights system of natural resources assets and the ecological value transformation mechanism, fully implement the river and lake chief system, forest chief system, and field chief system, and improve the integrated protection of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand and restoration mechanism, speeding up the construction of a modern environmental governance system, providing a strong institutional guarantee for the construction of a green Longjiang.

Focus on optimizing the business environment, further promote the reform of “delegating power, delegating power and improving services”, fully implementing a new type of regulatory mechanism based on credit, “double randomness, and one disclosure”, improve the anti-unfair competition cooperation mechanism, and improve the market access negative list system, Promoting the full coverage of “separation of licenses and licenses” has greatly stimulated market vitality and social creativity for enterprises to untie, remove obstacles for innovation, and escort fairness.

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