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Henan epidemic has spread to 3 provinces and 9 cities, community transmission has occurred | Chinese Communist virus | Xi’an epidemic

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[Epoch Times January 8, 2022]The epidemic in Xi’an continues to expand. The epidemic in Henan has spread to 3 provinces and 9 cities, and local community transmission has occurred. There have also been confirmed cases in Tianjin and Shenzhen, Guangdong.

On January 8, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism press conference announced that a certain number of cases in Zhengzhou, Henan Province had been discovered through active medical consultation and community screening, indicating that local community transmission had occurred.

According to the report, a total of 175 cases of infection have been reported in Henan-associated epidemic, spreading to 9 cities in 3 provinces, Henan, Shanghai and Zhejiang. Among them, Xuchang is dominated by a cluster of epidemics caused by a certain enterprise in Yuzhou. Recently, some residents in surrounding communities have been reported to have infections, and there is a risk of community infection.

Mainland netizens said, “I am most afraid of this sentence: community infection.” “Only employees of a ceramic factory in Yuzhou and some residents of surrounding communities were infected, but the entire Xuchang was sealed off, the normal operation of the city with a population of 5 million was stopped, and the entire city’s vitality was exhausted. Lost. Xuchang has already been shut down, I don’t understand.” “I’ll say something from Xi’an, under the premise that the protection measures are in place, I’ll stock up on more food.”

From January 7th, the East Courtyard of Zhongyuan Wanda Community, Wanda Community, Zhongyuan West Road Street, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City has been designated as a medium-risk area. At present, there are 16 high-risk areas and 82 medium-risk areas on the mainland.

From 12:00 noon on January 8, dining places in Zhengzhou will suspend dine-in meals; from January 10, the city’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will suspend offline teaching. Students who cannot return home for the time being are subject to closed management in the school.

In addition, on January 8, multiple confirmed cases were reported in Shenzhen and Tianjin, Guangdong. The traces of confirmed cases in Tianjin involve two primary schools.

From the 8th, Jinnan Xinzhuang Town Bishui Century Garden, Huayuan Boston Shangdongxuan, Xinyu Garden, Linjin Garden, Yijia Garden, Xinwangli; Xianshuigu Town Xinxiang Garden, Xinxu Garden, Xinyang Garden, Jincai Garden, Fengda Garden, Zhonghuili, Zijiang Xinyuan, Yihuali, Nanhuali, Longhu Zichen, Guxingli, Dongwangjiayuan, Baoyexinyuan, Gushang Jiangnan, Hechangyuan, Huiyuanli, The famous residence of Junhui and Hua Ting of Shui’an; Zhaohe Garden in Shuangqiaohe Town; Huilin Garden in Xiaozhan Town; Shangli Garden in Beizhakou Town are closed and controlled areas, which are controlled by “area closed, without leaving home”. The health code is a red code.

Since the afternoon of January 8, passengers from Lilou to Donggu Road Stations on Line 1 of Tianjin Metro will only be able to get in and out, and passengers from Shuanggang to Xianshuigu West Stations in Phase 2 of Line 6 can only get in and out. At present, some bus routes passing through Tianjin’s Jinnan District have adopted temporary scheduling measures such as temporary suspension or interval operations.

At present, it is still unknown when Xi’an will be unblocked. According to official statistics, the number of people in Xi’an’s centralized quarantine has exceeded 45,000, which is larger than that during the lockdown of Wuhan two years ago.

On January 7, 2022, there were 46 newly confirmed local cases in Xi’an. Since December 9th last year, Xi’an City has reported a total of 1,959 local confirmed cases. (Note: Because the CCP is used to concealing the truth about the epidemic, official statistics have been questioned by the outside world.)

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