Home News Henan floods scared senior officials to sit in Zhongnanhai to propagate internal conflicts | Henan floods | Zhengzhou rainstorms | Xi Jinping | instructions | Zhongnanhai | Propaganda mouth | internal conflicts | People’s Daily front page

Henan floods scared senior officials to sit in Zhongnanhai to propagate internal conflicts | Henan floods | Zhengzhou rainstorms | Xi Jinping | instructions | Zhongnanhai | Propaganda mouth | internal conflicts | People’s Daily front page

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[Voice of Hope July 21, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter Yue Wenxiao)There was heavy rain in Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Lu media reported that from 2 am on the 20th to 2 am on the 21st, the rainfall reached 622.7 mm. The maximum hourly rainfall yesterday was 201.9 mm, breaking 198.5 in Linzhou, Henan on August 5, 1975. Millimeter records, and the extremely heavy rainfall has also brought serious disasters to the local area. The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping made important instructions on the 20th, but so far no high-ranking officials from Zhongnanhai have come to the scene to inspect the disaster. However, the CCP’s propaganda began to fight inwardly because of the flood.

Based on mainland media reports, Xi Jinping said that in recent days Henan and other places have been experiencing heavy rains, Zhengzhou and other cities have been severely flooded, and there have also been reports of river over-alarm water levels, reservoir dam failures, railway suspensions, and flight cancellations, causing heavy casualties and financial losses. “The flood control situation is very severe.”

In addition to requiring relevant units to strengthen overall coordination, safety protection of important infrastructures, and improve weather forecasts and disaster warning levels, Xi Jinping also instructed the military and armed police forces to actively assist local disaster relief, and at the same time called for assistance to disaster-stricken households and sanitation and epidemic prevention to “prevent disasters. After returning to poverty and major disasters, there will be a major epidemic”, and the order of production and life should be restored as soon as possible.

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However, no senior officials from Zhongnanhai have rushed to Henan to observe the disaster.

The Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Communist Party of China also issued an “emergency notice”, requesting that it is strictly forbidden to prevaricate, vacate and report late and conceal relevant important information, if it engages in bureaucracy, retreats, etc.

At the end of last month, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media reported a newly published book titled “Excerpts from Xi Jinping’s Excerpts on Strict Party Governance in an All-round Way (2021 Edition)”. The book contains a speech by Xi Jinping in January this year, in which he criticized officials for waiting for his written instructions instead of active administration. He also said that some officials only know what to say and don’t do real things.

Commentator Yue Shan pointed out in an article published in The Epoch Times that one of Xi’s self-exposed troubles is that officials only wait for his instructions. Lazy and lazy governance is an alternative way of resisting corruption by officials at all levels of the Chinese Communist Party in recent years. Because under the CCP’s rule, officials are not clean, for fear of being caught by Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption efforts. Nowadays, they prefer to have fewer officers, wait for the peak order, the level is like this, and the highest level waits for Xi Jinping to personally give instructions.

On the other hand, under the pressure of the people who questioned that the heavy rains in Henan was not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster, and the outside world criticized the lack of official rescue efforts, internal conflicts were rarely seen in the CCP’s propaganda.

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The foreign propaganda “Duo Dui” issued an article today, saying that from all aspects, the heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan, is a big news that deserves the attention of the media, but it is regrettable that China’s largest official media “People’s Daily” only The seventh edition focused on this news.

Why doesn’t the People’s Daily report the disaster of the heavy rain in Zhengzhou on the front page? They are not too late. The report on the seventh edition shows that the editorial staff has fully understood the situation in Zhengzhou. However, they still published the “Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Optimizing the Fertility Policy to Promote the Long-term Balanced Development of the Population”, Xi Jinping’s July 1 Speech, and the Military Commission issued the “Regulations on Army Mass Work”, leadership activities, Fuzhou’s storage of historical context and other news. , On the front page.

The article pointed out that, judging from the suddenness, timeliness, and importance of news, it is clear that Zhengzhou’s torrential rain disaster is more suitable to be placed on the front page of the “People’s Daily”. Moreover, as the weather vane of Chinese politics, “People’s Daily” should put important people’s livelihood news in a more prominent position.

The article also said: “It is regrettable that the Zhengzhou torrential rain disaster did not make it to the front page of the People’s Daily” and “There is still room for improvement in the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda system,” and so on.

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