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Hengyang Spring Festival tourism market continues to be hot- News- Hunan Online

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Hengyang Spring Festival tourism market continues to be hot

Four days before the holiday, Nanyue Hengshan Scenic Area received a total of 465,600 tourists, ranking first in the province

Huasheng Online, January 26th (all-media reporter Cheng Junfeng, correspondent Li Liang and Xiao Hanzhen) “When geese come to Hengyang, they don’t fly south, and visitors to Nanyue don’t want to return.” During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, Hengyang’s tourism market is booming. Four days before the holiday, data from 64 cultural and tourism units included in the monitoring showed that 21 tourist attractions received a total of 646,800 tourists and achieved an operating income of 18.7657 million yuan. Among them, Nanyue Hengshan Scenic Area received a total of 465,600 tourists, ranking first in the province. The proportion of out-of-province tourists and young people under the age of 35 has increased significantly compared with the same period last year, accounting for 45%.

In order to retain the footsteps of tourists who come to Hengyang, Hengyang City planned in advance and carefully organized. With the historical and cultural business card Nanyue Hengshan as the core, it launched 10 boutique tours with beautiful rime and lively New Year customs, classic food and colorful intangible cultural heritage. line. Through the combination of online and offline methods, more than 60 theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions and activities to benefit the people were carried out, such as the “Yanhui·Sound of Nature” symphony concert, “Craftsmanship” creative handicraft market, etc. Organize nearly 100 traditional exhibitions and performances, such as New Year’s greeting fireworks show, Aoshan temple fair, dragon and lion competition, etc., to provide rich cultural and tourism feasts for returning citizens and tourists coming to Heng.

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At the same time, Hengyang City launched the “Gift Pack of Cultural Tourism Benefiting the People”, implemented more than 70 preferential activities, and increased the efforts of “attracting tourists into the balance” to boost the confidence of cultural tourism enterprises and stimulate consumption in the cultural tourism market. The Hengyang Culture and Art Center, with a total construction area of ​​about 94,000 square meters, was officially put into use on the eve of the Spring Festival, becoming a new check-in place for Internet celebrities. A batch of new business products such as “micro-tourism”, “folk tour” and “night tour” have been well-crafted and praised by tourists. Hengyang is expected to receive more than 1 million tourists during the Spring Festival.

The prosperity of tourism has led to the simultaneous development of catering hotels, star hotels, and homestay industries. At present, there have been many special tourist trains and self-driving fleets in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the three northeastern provinces and other places to book trips in advance; Ctrip, Qunar and other online reservations for scenic spot packages, platform hotels, and homestay orders have surged; the sales of cultural tourism gift packages for the new year are booming , the sales of Hengdong’s yellow tribute pepper and prepared vegetables alone have exceeded 10 million yuan.

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