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“Her name is Angel, but she isn’t one”

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“Her name is Angel, but she isn’t one”

A look from Switzerland at German cuddly justice

In the case of Lina Engel, German cuddly justice has once again shown itself to be at its worst because it was politically conformist and submissive. Abroad people shake their heads about it, as the article from the Weltwoche shows.

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Lina E., as she is called in most German media, is a left-wing terrorist like in the RAF handbook. Because the young woman, who came from Kassel and was studying educational sciences in Halle an der Saale, attacked people with her “hammer gang” (named after the instrument used in her crime), whom she considered “right-wing” and “Nazis” and brutally mauled, she was sentenced to five years by the Leipzig Higher Regional Court and sentenced to three months in prison.

Sewer worker Tobias N. was badly mauled by Lina’s people in 2019 because he wore a hat from an allegedly right-wing fashion label. Former NPD city councilor Enrico B. was beaten up on the street in front of his house in 2018.

While “usual” criminals usually attack the head immediately, Lina and Co. specifically kicked the knee joints and put the person lying on the ground out of action with pepper spray. “Then I heard someone say: ‘Step on your head, you should step on your head.’ And that’s what happened.” They beat him with blackjacks. The result: several fractures of the spine, sometimes life-threatening.

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The brutality of the actions can hardly be surpassed. Lina Engel’s partner has been in hiding for two years. It is unclear whether and when she herself will serve her sentence. To the astonishment of many observers, judge Hans Schlueter-Staats released the convicted left-wing terrorist after thirty months in custody and gave interesting reasons for this: she contracted rheumatism in prison, started an apprenticeship as a carpenter there and, through the reports about her, made a difference in the scene receive a certain «hero status», which is a «mortgage».

And: “Opposing right-wing extremists is a respectable motive,” he says, but does not justify violence.

Bloody-brutal extremists, lenient justice, stunned public – a disturbing episode from a divided country in the year 33 of German unity.”

What/URL: weltwoche.ch/daily/kuscheljustiz-und-kampfparolen-lina-e-ist-eine-links-terroristin-wie-aus-dem-raf-handbuch-ihre-aktionen-sind-an-brutalitaet-kaum-zu-ueberbieten-trotzdem-ist-sie-wieder-auf-freiem-fuss/

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