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Here is 160 thousand euros for the safety of three provincials The project is underway

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Borgofranco. Sidewalks and lighting on sp 69, 70, 73 Works to adapt them to a possible closure of the A5


The significant safety intervention of three provincial roads (the sp70, the sp 69 and the sp 63) that cross the vast territory of Borgofranco, financed with 160 thousand euros by the Metropolitan City of Turin, to which the Municipality it added 20 thousand, as envisaged by the announcement. These are the suburban roads that lead to Bajo, Nomaglio and Quassolo. Here protected paths will be created, pavements and public lighting will be enhanced. Works that in Borgofranco are to be included in the mosaic complex for the safety of roads, bridges and viaducts, in case of closure of the Turin-Aosta motorway, as foreseen by the expeditious civil protection plan agreed with the Prefecture last year . In the event that the A5 were closed (as had happened in 2019) due to the works related to the landslide that is looming at the Chiappetti locality in Quincinetto, an enormous flow of traffic would flow into Borgofranco, including cars and heavy vehicles, which instead it must have a safe sliding, especially for the protection of pedestrians. For this metropolitan city finances the construction of protected pedestrian paths and sidewalks along provincial roads 70 and 69, and the enhancement of public lighting along the sp 69 and sp 73. The Municipality, after having approved the agreement with the metropolitan city, and drafted a feasibility study, entrusted the design to the engineer Elisa Parisio and the surveyor Andrea Catrano. Always in this logic, the metropolitan city financed the works for the expansion of the sp 69, in the stretch that extends from the cemetery of Bajo to the intersection with via Ghiare. The last piece of the road mosaic will be the new road that will connect via Quassolo with via Alluminio to merge with state road 26. In this way the Balmetti village will have an alternative and above all safe road system. To build the new road, the mayor requested a contribution of 900 thousand euros to the Ministry for infrastructures. The new connecting road artery will have a length of about one kilometer and will serve to divert heavy traffic towards Bajo Dora in order not to clog the roads in the town center. The expeditious plan provides for three levels of alert activated by the sensors that are placed on the landslide and managed by the Competence Center of Civil Protection at the University of Florence. In the event of a level 2 alert, the motorway between Ivrea and Pont-Saint-Martin can be traveled on only one lane on the side closest to the wall and on two lanes in the other direction; but in the event of alert 3 (the one that occurred in July 2019), the highway is closed and the viability, according to the Plan, is diverted from Ivrea towards the Vallée along the state road 26 up to Pont-Saint-Martin , while for those who exit at Pont, initially take state road 26 crossing Carema and Settimo Vittone, and just before Quassolo, turn off along provincial roads 70, 69, 503 and 68 until re-entering the motorway in Ivrea. A ring that guarantees the safety of citizens, the first objective of a civil protection plan, but which had created inconvenience to traffic and concerns among the mayors who had found themselves with heavy traffic diverted to city centers. –

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