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Hisham Al-Shawani: It has become impossible for this rebellion to win

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Hisham Al-Shawani: It has become impossible for this rebellion to win

Sudani Net:

The facts say that there is a significant decline in the strength of the rebellion, and a significant decline in the number of soldiers and equipment. This battle is waged by our armed forces in a war of a special kind, and it has mastered dealing with it in a calm and steady manner and with great skill. The attack of treachery and betrayal was repelled with valor and sacrifice, and then the strength of the rebellion was exhausted. And pushed towards a random spread after the destruction of camps and bases, and then destroyed the infrastructure of the rebellion and its forces.

We say it with confidence that the force that was called the Rapid Support Forces has chosen the path of rebellion. Today it is something else entirely, something that is rapidly moving towards annihilation.

We are in a war of cities, and it is a war that is not based on the principle of who takes possession of the land, so what does it mean when vehicles stand at the intersection of two streets under trees, stand with their exhausted and frightened soldiers to say that they control the intersection of the two streets!! This makes no sense in urban warfare, because it is based on the principle of who controls strategic locations? And who has an integrated plan and strategy for victory? And who has effective supply and communication? And whoever moves according to specific stages does not begin one without the completion of the previous one, with confidence we say that the great and planned acquisition of our valiant army, and the random negative presence of rebellion.

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Most important of all, in this war, who has a cause and an ideology to fight? And who finds moral support from all the people in the city? The rebellion lacks all of this. Today, it does not have any strategic plan after the failure of the first attack. It does not possess strategic attack sites. It has no combat experience other than random, cowardly, noisy, ill-conceived attacks. Moreover, it does not fight for a cause and does not possess a combat doctrine. In wars that take days and weeks, it is not enough for your belief to be merely a tribal belief, or to earn money in exchange for money.

Gradually, the rebellious soldiers began to flee, as they waited for the times of engagement to flee and surrender for fear of being liquidated by their comrades. The increase in the behavior of violations indicates despair and shattered morale, and a desire to loot before fleeing.

As for the soldiers of our valiant forces, they are driven by a strong national institutional belief and real anger at this rebellion. They are driven by intense enthusiasm and a raging desire to fight. However, the field command controls all of this with plans and instructions. The nature of the battle for national dignity is complex, and today it has become impossible for the rebellion to attack in search of victory. We repeat the last phrase: It has become impossible for the rebellion to attack in search of victory. It has become impossible for this rebellion to win. It is only looking for time, escape, survival and sabotage. Perhaps a political miracle will happen that will save it through negotiation. The forces of treachery and the external axis of evil have begun to move in order to That, and here your valiant army has said its word: Do not negotiate with the rebellion.

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The strategic goal of our valiant forces is: breaking the thorn of this rebellion and achieving a decisive victory. As for the battle of diplomacy, it is conducted with skill, experience, and coordination with the allies. As for the battle of discourse, media, and thought, God has subjected thousands of soldiers to it, for nothing in return but the love of this country, unlike the paid mouthpieces of rebellion. .

So this is a historical battle that was imposed on us, and victory in it is a real beginning for a new resurrection of our nation. This national battle has clear meanings that cannot be interpreted. It is a battle to preserve the homeland and the state, history, national unity, and most importantly, preserving the hope that we will advance towards the future of Sudan at a steady pace to strengthen what unites us. As Sudanese, the battle of national dignity is not the end of the road, but rather the correct beginning of a free, dear, independent and secure homeland.

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