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Hitmen injured a 3-year-old girl and an adult in Cartagena

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Hitmen injured a 3-year-old girl and an adult in Cartagena

A reprehensible hitman attack took place on the night of Tuesday, February 20, in the Villa Estrella neighborhood, in the south of Cartagena.

According to reports from the authorities, a 24-year-old man was riding a motorcycle with his 3-year-old daughter when they were attacked by unknown people with firearm projectiles.

Some people who were on other motorcycles immediately provided first aid to the father and the minor, according to witnesses who witnessed the event.

The Cartagena Metropolitan Police indicated in a statement released to the public that “two people were injured by a firearm projectile. “This is a 24-year-old adult and a 3-year-old girl, who were transported by the community to the Primary Care Center in the El Pozón neighborhood.”

The police report added that the minor did not have serious injuries and is now stable. The father, on the other hand, did have deep wounds and his prognosis is reserved. It is unknown if he has a criminal record.

For now, the authorities are investigating the events to clarify the reasons why the man and the minor were attacked. To this end, the Cartagena Metropolitan Police deployed a special group of uniformed officers, but so far no arrests have been recorded nor are there any details of those involved in the attack.

It is only known that the attack was carried out by two men aboard a motorcycle. “We reject these facts where she was involved and injured and she is a minor. We will carry out the relevant investigations to find the whereabouts of those responsible,” the institution indicated in its statement.

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This fact shows that, sometimes, people who perpetrate hitman attacks have no mercy for life, not even minors. This was also evident in an unfortunate event that occurred on Sunday, November 26, 2023 in Barranquilla. On that occasion, a man and his little son were attacked, but unlike what happened recently in Cartagena, the two of them did die.

Authorities identified the victims of the recent violent incident as Luis Carlos Feifo Garzón, 33, also known by the alias “Jopo Gordo,” and Keiler Luis Feifo Núñez, five. According to reports from the regional newspaper El Heraldo, both were in the company of friends and family in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, in the center of Barranquilla, when two armed individuals aboard a motorcycle shot Feifo Garzón, also wounding the minor. Despite being quickly transferred to a medical center, both arrived dead.

A witness to the event, identified by the television news program Noticias Caracol as Fernando Feifó Aguirre, father of Luis Carlos Feifo Garzón, said that one of the attackers fired three times, the last shot being the one that hit the child. He described the minor as a happy child and enthusiastic about dancing, a passion supported by his father, a music fan.

The Cartagena newspaper El Universal indicated that Feifo Garzón had a criminal record for crimes such as domestic violence, fraud in court resolutions, drug trafficking and reception. He was also accused of being involved in the sale of psychoactive substances in that area of ​​the city.

In Neiva, Huila, two minors aged 9 and 15 were injured after a hitman attack, in June 2023. The minors were in the front garden of their house, in the Los Alpes neighborhood, when they were suddenly attacked by hitmen who They were traveling on a motorcycle. Fortunately they survived. With Infobae

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