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Home accident in Neiva claimed the life of a minor.

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Home accident in Neiva claimed the life of a minor.

In a popular neighborhood in the south of Neiva, an eight-year-old boy suffered an accident in the bathroom of his house and died.

The tragic events took place yesterday afternoon at the address on Calle 27A Sur near Carrera 26, in the so-called green houses of the Cuarto Centenario neighborhood of the Seis commune, south of the Huilense capital.

According to the accounts given to the Neiva Metropolitan Police by the relatives of the child, Juan Esteban Avilés, the young man was in the bathroom of the house when the wall of the room collapsed and broke when he leaned on the sink after taking a bath.

The boy also falls to the ground and receives a deep cut to the neck, which begins to bleed.

The child was seriously injured and was transferred to the Canaima health center where he arrived without vital signs while the minor was alone with his 6-year-old younger brother. A police spokesman indicated: “The minor is taken to the health center, but due to the seriousness of the injury he loses his life.

He added that to determine what happened, criminal units of the Sijín took control of the investigation.

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