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Homeland Bonus of Bs. 72? When is it paid and to whom?

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Homeland Bonus of Bs. 72?  When is it paid and to whom?

Patriotic platform continues with the delivery of bonds this June.

every month the homeland system grants social aid bonuses to the majority of the cardholders registered on the platform.

One of these additional contributions is the bonus “Informal economy” whose amount is Bs. 72, which is equivalent to an approximate amount of 2.74 dollars, according to the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

This delivery was paid on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, so it is estimated that for the month of June it will be granted on the same date.

Don’t get this bonus?

If you do not receive this benefit, follow the instructions below to receive it:

  • Enter the Patria platform, click to log in.
  • Click on the “Directory” option and then on “Family Nucleus”.
  • Register your family data (ID and date of birth).
  • Finally, verify that the registration has been completed successfully.

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