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Homicides continue in commune 10 of Neiva

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Homicides continue in commune 10 of Neiva

Three homicides in the commune 10 of Neiva, have been registered this month. Two have been minors.

In the early hours of yesterday, an unfortunate event occurred in the Las Palmas neighborhood of the city, where Mr. Leonardo Ely Peña Méndez, 27 years old, was injured. The events took place at race 52 with calle 24 in that neighborhood.

According to known information, Peña Méndez was found by police officers lying on the road with two wounds to his left leg. Immediately, he was transferred to the facilities of the Palmas health center to receive medical attention.

However, the doctors at the health center reported the death of Mr. Peña Méndez due to hypovolemic shock. It was learned that one of the wounds suffered by the young man was very deep, which would have generated significant blood loss.

Given the seriousness of the events, personnel from the National Model of Community Surveillance by Sijin and Sipol Quadrants arrived at the scene. The authorities have already initiated the corresponding investigations to clarify the facts and determine the corresponding responsibilities.

This is the third murder presented in commune 10 so far this March, the previous two have been minors.

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