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Honey Ordóñez, the San Andres woman who conquered Dior

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Honey Ordóñez, the San Andres woman who conquered Dior

How did Honey Ordóñez get started in modeling?

For Ordóñez, his dream seemed very distant, until, in his last year of school, not knowing what he wanted to study, he continued researching and found some key answers. He found a model from San Andres, who recommended several Colombian agencies, including Independent. In her narrative, she says that he hit “follow” on the agency’s account and that they contacted her shortly, but she couldn’t believe it, fearing that it was a scam or something worse.

“I said ‘well’, I’m going to answer him because you never know, he asked me if I was a model, I: ‘no’, what was my name, my height, all my measurements. She asked me if I was interested in modeling and I said ‘yes’, so he had to take all my measurements,” Honey Ordóñez recalled.

At that time the model I was only 17 years old, so her father was supporting her at all times. He continued in various filters with the people at Independent until they asked him to sign a contract, “I didn’t know whether to believe what was happening, I don’t know if I should be happy or I don’t know, it just happened in less than two weeks.”

After signing with this agency, the team interviewed him with international agencies and shortly after he signed with Nextthe same one that represents big names in the industry, such as Abbey Lee Kershaw, Binx Walton or the Dominican Lineisy Montero, “I’m pretty happy with whatever I become, or what I’m doing right now.”.

But there is still a long way to go before this story ends, because shortly after signing with this international agency he was given the opportunity to have a great first job, travel to London for a campaign for one of the most successful makeup brands in the world, Charlotte Tilbury.

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“While I was in Bogotá, they told me that I was going to do a job like in July, June, with a very big makeup brand in London, and I: ‘How like that? ‘How do you tell me out of nowhere that I’m going to have a job in London?’ And I haven’t even traveled to that country. In the end I did, it was a campaign inspired by Disney, it was with Charlotte Tilbury, I even met her, the whole team was very nice to me at all times.”

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