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Horoscope for April 16 – the day of the good wooden Dragon

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Horoscope for April 16 – the day of the good wooden Dragon

Today is Sunday, and Easter is also a bright and productive time for many signs of the Zodiac. Therefore, it is worth trying to live it cheerfully and cheerfully, filling it with bright colors and good deeds, astrologers advise.

Also, on April 16, it is desirable to bring good into the world and show sincere attitude towards others, writes the information portal Ukr.Media.


A favorable day for communication. It is suitable for discussing any issues, but primarily related to finances, family property, and valuables. Aries are very practical, do not let anything out of sight, quickly cope with family affairs and find a way to have a great time in their free time.

Pay attention to your health: there is a danger of malaise, aggravation of chronic diseases. It is better to abandon culinary experiments, as there is a danger of poisoning and food allergies.


You go to your goal continuously, it is unlikely that others will like it. But the results are almost brilliant, so you will be pleased with yourself. If you are going to an important meeting, take a young woman with you whom you can trust – her presence will be very useful.

Sometimes you behave too straightforwardly, your loved ones may not like it. However, it will still be possible to find a common language, and there will be no conflict. It is important to think calmly and be aware of all your actions.


A very convenient day for communication, participation in various seminars, conferences, presentations. You make a good impression on others, make interesting acquaintances. You can convince anyone that you are right, there are practically no people who want to contradict you.

Extremely high creative potential, you have numerous ideas, but will you be able to evaluate them correctly. It is good if there is a person who can separate reasonable plans from empty fantasies. Valuable gifts are possible.


You work with genuine enthusiasm and are truly passionate about what you do, which is why you achieve significant success. There are good ideas related to commercial activities, some Cancers will figure out how to make a profit from their hobby.

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New cases may arise, and in large numbers; you will handle them perfectly. Unfortunately, this day has its drawbacks. Probable attacks of irritability, anger. Your loved ones suffer the most because of them.

a lion

You start the day in a good mood, and this largely determines the course of events. Problems can be solved, obstacles can be overcome. It is good to take on new, large-scale and important affairs; it is likely that it will be possible to implement old plans. Your enthusiasm is contagious; if you need a team of like-minded people – start looking for them today.

In the afternoon, the mood may deteriorate, you will become more irritable and impatient. At this time, it is better to limit communication, to refuse to discuss acute issues.


The day promises success and victories, progress in business. You manage to make the right decisions, avoid pitfalls, and not make mistakes that could prevent you from moving forward. Do not miss a favorable moment to communicate with influential people: they can support many of your endeavors, including financially.

In the afternoon, sensitivity increases, intuition becomes sharper. You are able to penetrate into the very essence of any processes and events, understand cause-and-effect relationships. Even the wisest people listen to your advice.


You can solve important issues, do something useful for yourself and others. You are determined and energetic, you can hardly imagine such an obstacle that will stand before your onslaught. Risky pranks are successful, you can put a lot on the line and win even more.

You want to expand your circle of communication and make new acquaintances. Lonely representatives of the sign are capable of reckless actions, succumbing to feelings. However, those who have already found their “half” manage to resist numerous temptations.

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You will finally be able to do something that you have been putting off for a long time for various but very valid reasons. There are no obstacles to self-realization, creative natures cannot complain about a lack of inspiration. You solve even the simplest and most trivial tasks with very original methods.

The day is not suitable for new acquaintances, it is better to limit yourself to communication with people you have known and loved for a long time. In addition, unwanted long moves and trips: all of them will tire you rather than make you happy.


The influence of positive trends will be strong, and you will skillfully use it. It doesn’t take much to be successful: believe in yourself and agree to all interesting offers. It’s easy for you to be in the spotlight when you want it, and it’s just as easy to step into the shadows if the need arises.

Those around you are ready to help you implement any ideas, even the most absurd; be ready to stop your very diligent assistants in time. Relatives are willing to meet, a close person has nothing against compromises.


The day is unlikely to be outstanding and special, but it will be perfect for solving current issues, will allow you to collect your thoughts, decide on plans for the future, discard everything superfluous and unnecessary. You can do other people’s business: you really help people, have a beneficial effect on their lives.

You should not take risks, play gambling, engage in extreme sports. If you are driving, be more careful in the afternoon. It is useful to engage in needlework, cooking and home decoration: such activities help to achieve mental balance.


A good day for relaxing in nature, leisurely pastime. You should not plan too much – hurry and bustle are contraindicated for you, so it is better to limit yourself to urgent and uncomplicated matters. In the afternoon, cash receipts and gifts are possible.

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It is possible that some person from your past will remind you of yourself on this day. You will be really happy about it, but memories of past days will help you understand the events and trends of today. After calmly considering a complex problem, you will find its solution.


You can get a lot done if you hurry, set yourself in a serious mood and don’t get bogged down in trifles. It is important to take a good pace from the very morning; you won’t have time to relax and enjoy Monday. The day is suitable for meetings, important negotiations, communication with people who can be useful, attending social events.

Close people need your attention and support. It is possible that the solution of many family problems will fall on your shoulders. Some Pisces will receive information that will force them to change their plans for the future.

Also, do not forget that according to the Eastern calendar, today is the day of the Good (Wooden) Dragon, the “Meteoprog” website reminds.

The Wooden (Good) Dragon is an ambitious, charismatic, domineering and generous being, these qualities only develop over time.

They are always full of energy, easily adapt to any conditions. The Wooden Dragon is easily attracted by all kinds of external effects, it is extremely easy to get his attention.

“Try not to complicate your life today by simplifying your plans as much as possible. Leave one or two tasks in the work schedule and work on their implementation.” — experts of Eastern astrology advise.

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