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Hospitalizations are growing: Emilia Romagna is also turning yellow, Liguria risks orange

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A surge in the positivity rate (from 13 to 22%) and hospitalizations growing almost everywhere, with Emilia Romagna having numbers from the yellow zone and Liguria the first region to approach the orange zone. This is the scenario in the last 24 hours in Italy where from January 3 nine regions and two autonomous provinces are in the yellow band. And while the virus makes its umpteenth leap, the Government is working to find a square, which does not seem very easy, on the next measures that will be discussed in the CDM on Wednesday 5 January. Although there is still no defined calendar on the measures in the pipeline, the discussion on the extension of the super Green pass in the world of work will land at the table of the Council of Ministers.

Towards the extension of the super green pass to the world of work

The question of returning to school still remains to be addressed. Even if there is no postponement of the date of return to class (the schools will reopen between 7 and 10 January), the Executive evaluates some changes proposed by the Regions, such as the ten-day Dad also in elementary and sixth grade – in the case of two infections in the same class – only for unvaccinated children, while those immunized would remain in the presence. A hypothesis that has raised some moodiness in the majority, in particular from the Lega and the M5s, but the Government makes it clear that it will do everything to avoid the closure of schools.

Emilia Romagna towards yellow and Liguria at risk of orange

Emilia Romagna also has yellow zone numbers (16.1% hospitalization rate in ordinary wards and 14.6% in intensive care). While Liguria is the region closest to the orange zone. It is in fact one step away from the critical threshold of 30% of Covid patient admissions in ordinary wards (we are at 29%) and has exceeded that of 20% in intensive care (we are at 20.8%). But the situation in Calabria also needs to be monitored (29.6% in ordinary wards and 16.5% in intensive care).

The differences between the color zones

It should also be noted that beyond the increased hospital pressure, the restrictive measures in the orange area are almost identical to those in the white and yellow area. According to the rules contained in the last year-end anti Covid decree and the table published by Palazzo Chigi, the obligation of the super green pass is in fact extended in the white and yellow area starting from 10 January to practically all activities, apart from the work and college students. In the orange zone it is also valid in the shops of the shopping centers on holidays and the day before holidays (except foodstuffs, newsstands, bookstores, pharmacies and tobacconists, where access is free). In addition, in the orange zone, travel with your own vehicle to other municipalities or outside the Region is allowed without a pass only for work, necessity and health.

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