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Household helpers are taking action on Friday with the shareholder of a service voucher company

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The unions in the domestic help sector will take action tomorrow/Friday with a shareholder of a large service voucher company. They gather around 10 am at Central Station in Brussels. The shareholder is in the area, but the unions want to keep the identity of who it concerns a secret for now.

With this action they are once again protesting against the unilateral termination of the collective labor agreement (collective agreement) on the end-of-year bonus and the trade union bonus by employers at the end of last year. As long as this withdrawal has not been reversed, the unions will no longer want to negotiate with employers. According to the unions, an average household help loses almost 400 euros as a result of the decision.

The unions previously targeted the large service voucher companies with their actions. Now it is the turn of the shareholders, “who are consuming the most money,” says Issam Benali of the ABVV. The unions had also published the names and place of residence of the shareholders, but have since adjusted that action. “It is public information, so in fact we did nothing illegal,” Benali said. But because some shareholders protested, it was decided to only reveal the municipality where they live. “The most important thing for us is to stick to the essentials and that is the purchasing power of the household helpers.”

Domestic workers who take part in the action in Brussels on Friday will be covered by a strike notice, it said.

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“End of year bonus guaranteed”

The employers, through their federation Federgon, now emphasize that the end-of-year bonus for domestic helpers is still guaranteed. The amount of the trade union premium also remains unchanged, although it will only be paid out when there is social peace. They therefore call on the unions not to “unnecessarily worry” domestic helpers and customers.

Federgon also reiterates the call for constructive social dialogue. “That is the only way to find solutions for a sustainable future model for the sector,” it says. “The interests are similar. If we join forces, our voice for structural change will be louder.” The federation points out that the service voucher sector is underfinanced and is looking to the government for structural changes.

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