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How are high-risk areas defined and managed?

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Q: How are high-risk areas defined and managed?

answer:In strict accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism for the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, the “New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Risk Zone Delineation and Control Plan” and in light of the actual situation, the places where infected people live and those with frequent activities and high risk of epidemic transmission Areas such as land and activity areas are classified as high-risk areas. High-risk areas are generally demarcated by units and buildings. When the risk of epidemic transmission is unclear or there is widespread community transmission, the scope of high-risk area delineation can be appropriately expanded. The scope of the risk area can be dynamically adjusted according to the results of flow research and judgment. The high-risk areas are closed and controlled, and during this period, “stay at home and provide door-to-door service”. If new infected persons are found during the lockdown period, risk research and judgments shall be organized in a timely manner. In accordance with the requirements of “one area, one policy”, all or part of the original lockdown area may be extended for the duration of the lockdown. No new infection was found in the high-risk area for 5 consecutive days, and all personnel in the risk area completed a round of nucleic acid screening on the 5th day and all were negative, reducing it to a low-risk area. High-risk areas that meet the conditions for unblocking should be unblocked in a timely manner. The following prevention and control measures are implemented in high-risk areas:

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One is to implement regional closures.Arrange 24-hour duty, strengthen personnel management, and stay at home. Ensuring that the quarantined people need to go out for medical treatment, and encourage family members to accompany them to take private cars for medical treatment. If necessary, social vehicle assistance services can be provided, personal protection should be done throughout the process, and closed-loop management should be implemented.

The second is to carry out health monitoring and nucleic acid testing.Through various methods such as door-to-door, telephone, and WeChat groups, find out the basics of all personnel in high-risk areas, and do health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, and antigen self-testing as required. If a resident is positive for antigen self-test or develops symptoms related to new coronary pneumonia, please report to the community immediately, and cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing, transfer and other control measures. During the transfer, the personal protection of the transfer personnel and staff should be strengthened.

The third is to carry out environmental disinfection and monitoring.Do a good job of disinfecting key areas and key parts, and disinfect key areas such as van elevators (corridors) and key areas that are frequently touched by personnel such as elevator buttons, stair handrails, and unit door handles. Carry out terminal disinfection in a timely manner and evaluate the disinfection effect in the living, working, and activity places of cases and asymptomatic infected persons.

The fourth is to guarantee living and medical needs.Carry out work such as guaranteeing residents’ basic living services; do a good job in medical services, and provide medical convenience for the elderly living alone, minors, pregnant women, disabled people, people with reduced mobility, hemodialysis patients, patients with mental disorders, and patients with chronic diseases; Provide psychological support, psychological counseling and other psychological assistance services for personnel in high-risk areas; standardize the establishment of temporary collection points for domestic garbage and medical waste to keep the environment clean and hygienic.

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