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How can family education legislation help the implementation of the “double reduction” policy? Expert advice

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At the beginning of the new semester, some parents of elementary and middle school students can be said to “don’t have a taste in mind”.

Not long after the beginning of this summer vacation, in late July, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Compulsory Education Students’ Homework and Off-campus Training” (hereinafter referred to as the “double reduction” policy), prohibiting advanced training , It is strictly forbidden to occupy rest days and winter and summer vacations for subject training, and it is strictly forbidden to publish off-campus training advertisements. Not long ago, the Office of the Education Supervision Committee of the State Council also issued a notice, planning to report the implementation progress of the “double reduction” work in various provinces once every half month. The focus of the notification includes the reduction of discipline training institutions, the investigation and punishment of illegal training advertisements, and the verification of clues reported by the masses.

It is worth mentioning that my country’s family education legislation is currently underway, and the second review of the Family Education Promotion Law will be reviewed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress shortly before. Under the background of “double reduction”, this legislation is particularly eye-catching. Can legislation help the implementation of the “double reduction” policy? When off-campus training institutions press the pause button, how should family education deal with children’s academic problems?

Obviously, in the process of reducing the burden on children, how to make parents steadily give up “involvement” is an issue that deserves more attention. In the opinion of some people in the industry, changes in parents’ educational concepts and educational behaviors are the key factors that determine whether the “double reduction” policy can be implemented.

“Double reduction” policy is implemented, parents feel new anxiety

As school approaches, Ms. Liu in Beijing feels relieved and worried. As a parent of a fourth-grade child in elementary school, this summer vacation is different for her.

Originally, according to past practice, Ms. Liu had arranged this summer vacation as early as May “clearly”: a summer camp, three tutoring classes for foreign language and mathematics, each for 10 days. In addition, several short weekend physical training camps have been arranged sporadically. The total cost of all training activities is about 20,000 yuan. This arrangement has been the case since her child went to elementary school.

“I’m not afraid of being a schoolmaster at the same table, I’m afraid that the schoolmaster will have the summer vacation. If you only play but don’t study during the whole vacation, then school will be left behind a lot, and you will have to spend more time and energy to make up for it.” Ms. Liu said frankly that the summer vacation Although the burden of the money report class is not small, I do feel more at ease in my heart.

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However, the “double reduction” policy changed everything this summer vacation.

With the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, an era of off-campus training institutions that has exploded in recent years can be said to have ended. After the off-campus institutions reported by Ms. Liu insisted on completing the previous courses, they also stopped subject training as required on August 15th. Although Ms. Liu adjusted the class, there were still two classes that ended without time.

At the beginning, Ms. Liu felt a little relaxed, and seemed to have tasted the sweetness of “burden reduction”. Not only did she refund a large amount of tuition, she also didn’t use it to travel back and forth. However, within a few days, she discovered that the pace of the school tyrants had not slowed down, and many parents around her began to personally go into battle and use the vacation to tutor their children at home. Ms. Liu couldn’t sit still, and discussed with her husband who also graduated from a 985 key university. The couple also decided to start “self-inflicted”. However, the effect is not satisfactory. The family is often “jumping” because of tutoring children’s homework, and the parent-child relationship has become worse and worse.

“The off-campus tutoring classes can hardly be expected, but learning can’t be ignored. With parents to fight, we are indeed unable to do what we want.” Ms. Liu, who has become accustomed to running around in various tutoring classes, has begun a new round of anxiety.

Where should family education go under the background of “double reduction”

There are not a few parents who feel a little anxious, a little hopeful, a little nervous, and a little confused.

This unprecedented “double reduction” policy has aroused extensive discussions among parents, and many parents are paying close attention to relevant policy documents and development trends. The reporter learned in random interviews with many parents that although many parents and children have been exhausted by the “inward scrolling” of education for a period of time, over time, many parents seem to get used to it, complaining while still non-stop. Run around in various extracurricular classes. Although some parents intellectually know that “burden reduction” is a good thing for their children, they still feel short-term worries and anxiety in their hearts, after all, they have to face the pressure of entering school.

Analyzing the impact of the “double reduction” policy on family education, Luo Shuang, an associate professor at the School of Education of Capital Normal University, believes that parents must first have a correct understanding and understanding of the “double reduction” policy.

“The’double reduction’ policy is committed to solving the short-sighted and utilitarian problems of family education, and alleviating parents’ education anxiety, so as to systematically crack the vicious circle of’reducing burdens within schools and increasing burdens outside schools’. The essence of the policy is to return education to education itself. Let schools, students, and parents return to their respective positions. For family education, it is to return educational rationality to parents, shift from passive and negative educational kidnapping to active and active educational participation, and shift from only scores and only advancement to focus All-round development of the child.” Luo Shuang said.

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But Luo Shuang also pointed out that reducing the burden does not mean that there are no academic requirements for children. “Many studies have shown that appropriate learning pressure has a positive effect on stimulating learning motivation and improving academic performance. Therefore, parents should form reasonable educational expectations according to their children’s physical and mental development stage and personality characteristics, and put forward appropriate academic performance requirements for their children. Expectations that are too high or too low, and don’t just evaluate children based on test scores.” To this end, she suggested that parents do three “strengthenings”, including strengthening home-school communication, strengthening guidance on the rational use of children’s time at home, and strengthening parent-child communication .

“In short, the improvement of family education depends not only on parents’ self-study and improvement, but also on professional family education guidance to provide them with external assistance, to promote parents’ irrational and utilitarian education needs, and to correct those who only use scores and only go to school. Wrong tendency to focus on children’s innovation spirit, innovation ability and comprehensive improvement of overall quality.” Luo Shuang said.

How family education legislation can help reduce the burden on children

As far as a person’s growth is concerned, the role of family education is the most fundamental. From the perspective of factors affecting family education, parents’ socioeconomic conditions, knowledge and experience, companionship quality, husband and wife relationship, self-efficacy, and children’s companionship are all very important factors.

Ye Qiang, a lecturer at the Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Judicial Reform of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, pointed out that, on the one hand, the socio-economic conditions of parents are not decisive for the growth of minors, but they are also very important. On the other hand, improving the social and economic conditions of parents is not a day’s work. It is necessary to increase the knowledge and experience of parents, improve the quality of companionship, improve the relationship between husband and wife, enhance the self-efficacy of parents, and enrich the companionship of children.

In Ye Qiang’s view, the key to achieving this is to improve the quality of services in urban and rural communities. “With the vigorous rectification of off-campus training institutions, the tasks of extracurricular training for students cannot be entrusted to schools and teachers, nor can they be entrusted to their parents. At this time, it is necessary for the government to strengthen urban and rural Establish community libraries, sports venues, amusement facilities, activity venues, parent-child activity centers and non-profit family education and guidance service sites, so that minors can communicate with their parents, others, and society in an environment where they can communicate with their peers And communication, these can be integrated into the process of community governance.

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It is worth mentioning that currently, family education legislation is underway. Under the background of “double reduction”, what can legislation do to reduce children’s burden?

Yuan Ningning, deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law Research Base of Juvenile Affairs Governance and Law, analyzed and pointed out that one of the important problems solved by family education legislation is raising but not teaching. The so-called nurturing without education is prominently manifested in two aspects: one is that parents are not aware and incapable of carrying out family education; the other is that although there is awareness of family education, there is still room for improvement in concepts, methods, and means. Improperly. For example, parents imposing their own personal will on minors, under the deformed guidance of the score-only concept, increase their children’s learning burden, and enroll their children in various off-campus training courses during their spare time, including holidays, winter and summer vacations, which is improper teaching. A typical performance.

“Under the situation that the distribution of educational resources is not so evenly distributed, some parents are influenced by the one-sided view of achieving talents and educating people, and guide their children to blindly pursue scores. Therefore, to a certain extent, the only score theory leads students to extracurricular A very important reason for the overburden.” In Yuan Ningning’s view, the reason for the overburden of students is to find the root cause in family education, and there may be certain problems with their parents or other guardians’ outlook on talent and education. It doesn’t matter.

So, how should family education legislation solve improper teaching? Yuan Ningning believes that to solve this problem, legislation needs to be multi-pronged, on the one hand, give full play to the school’s main position, and at the same time strictly control and regulate off-campus training institutions; On the one hand, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments to the parents’ concept of family education, and guide parents to carry out family education more scientifically and rationally.

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