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How do you know if you are a voting jury?

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How do you know if you are a voting jury?

Next October 29, Colombians will have a date with the polls to elect their new rulers.

So that this democratic activity can have validity and transparency, the national registry will elect voting juries who will be in charge of monitoring the entire elective process on behalf of society. Learn more about it.

The voting jurors will be people over 18 years of age and under 60, who, being selected through a draw by the National Registry of Civil Status, will have three main functions: attend to the election process, carry out the polling stations and register the results of the table in the electoral forms.

Civil registrars request lists of citizens from private and public companies, educational institutions, significant groups of citizens, social movements, parties and political movements.

Once this data has been collected, a draw will be carried out through software to assign the voting jurors.

Voting jury draw

The deadline for the drawing and appointment of the jurors is set until October 14, 2023, but starting October 3 you can check if you have been selected, through two options, the first will be to review the lists that are set in public places.

In the second instance, you can go to the website of the national registry and go to the “Institutional” section.

Upon entering, you will find several options for citizen services, such as ‘polling place’, ‘digital ID card’, among others.

Enter the “voting panel” section, which will take you to a page that will ask for your citizenship number.

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Finally, click on the consult button and information will appear on whether you have been chosen as a jury for these elections.

If so, save the information of the voting station and assigned table.

Remember to consult the information in advance, since according to article 105 of the Electoral Code, “the position of voting jury is mandatory and the notification of such appointments will be understood to be provided by the sole publication or public posting of the respective list.”

Persons who, without just cause, do not appear to perform their assigned duties, will be subject to dismissal from the position they hold, if they are public servants, and if they are not, a fine equivalent to 10 current legal minimum wages.

The jurors must appear at 7:00 am at the assigned voting station and can only leave it when the scrutiny of the table is finished.

That is, when they have delivered to the post delegate of the National Registry the envelope of keys, with the votes and all the electoral forms duly completed, and receive the forms E-17 (proof of receipt of electoral documents delivered by the voting juries ) and the E-18 (proof of service as a voting jury).


You should pay attention to the email, since the National Registry Office will send a notification where you will find the place where you must appear to serve as a jury and, in turn, the time and date of the in-person training.

If you have previously served as a voting juror, you must go through the training process again, since this is mandatory in all electoral processes.

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If you are a voting juror, you will have the right to one day of paid compensatory rest, which can be made effective with the respective employer within 45 business days following the date of the contest.


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