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How is Cali preparing for the upcoming hot season?

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How is Cali preparing for the upcoming hot season?

The various rains that Santiago de Cali has had do not mean that this is the climate that will last in the following seasons in the capital of the Valley.

This has to do with the imminent arrival, according to experts, of the El Niño Phenomenon in the city and region of Valle del Cauca.

Climatic effect that occurs in the Pacific Ocean and that considerably influences the climate worldwide. It occurs when the ocean water temperature rises above normal for an extended period of time.

This increase generates significant changes in weather patterns, affecting rainfall, temperature and winds.

Climatic variation that, in some regions, leads to droughts, deforestation, floods, among other inconveniences.

The heat wave that will reach Cali will reach temperatures of up to 34 degrees, which could cause heat strokes.

Faced with this situation, the action plan was installed to face this upcoming summer season in the city, defined in the most recent Disaster Risk Management District Council “These emergency and contingency plans will be defined with the objective of protecting our city, our hills, our fauna and flora and, especially, lives as the highest good,” said Rodrigo Zamorano, Secretary of Risk and Disaster Management of Cali.

“The message we give them is one of tranquility, we remind the community to be alert to denounce arsonists and support all the teams we have to combat this El Niño Phenomenon, which is increasingly active,” he added.

For his part, Jhon Fitzgerald Rodas, lieutenant and chief of Emergencies of the Fire Department, confirmed that the forestry brigades are working with the communities to raise awareness about the risks of the El Niño Phenomenon.

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Colombian Air Force in Cali:

In addition to the significant support offered by the Bambi Bucket system in case of forest fires; The authorities defined that the burning of garbage or waste will not be allowed, since due to the dry season and low humidity it is likely that the vegetation will catch fire easily.

Likewise, in the case of pot walks, it must be verified that the stoves are completely turned off, and avoid throwing away cigarette butts.

The El Niño Phenomenon will begin with an 82% probability in the month of June, according to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM).


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