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How likely is it that South Korea-China relations will turn cold in all directions and pick up in the new year?

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South Korea Focuses on Improving Ties with China for Lunar New Year

As the Lunar New Year is officially welcomed, South Korea is setting its diplomatic focus on improving relations with China in the new year. While the past year saw efforts to strengthen cooperation between South Korea, the United States, and Japan, the new year aims to ease tensions and work on strengthening ties with China.

Recently, South Korea has released signals to ease relations with China, with both countries agreeing on the importance of developing friendly relations. However, experts warn that improving relations may not be an easy task due to the complexity of issues involving the United States, North Korea, Taiwan, and the economy.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting South Korea during the Lunar New Year holiday is expected to be significantly lower than in previous years, reflecting a decrease in people-to-people exchanges. Additionally, the first phone call between South Korean Foreign Minister Cho Dui-yeol and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi came nearly a month after the former took office, indicating inconsistent communication between the two governments.

Experts believe that China has doubts and concerns about South Korea’s cooperation with the United States and Japan on security and economic issues. From China’s perspective, South Korea’s participation in the reorganization of supply chains in the United States has caused dissatisfaction, leading to a decrease in people-to-people exchanges and inconsistent communication between the two governments.

Despite South Korea’s recent efforts to release signals to ease relations, the obstacles to improving relations are significant. Experts believe that South Korea-China relations face major and sensitive political issues and are constrained by other interested parties such as the United States. The deep-seated problems in the economic field, as well as the bad feelings among the people, also contribute to the complexity of improving relations.

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As South Korea and China work on improving their relations, it is clear that significant challenges lie ahead. The diplomatic landscape in the region remains complex, and it will require careful navigation to achieve meaningful progress in improving South Korea-China relations.

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