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How many news in the Council in Ronco. There is also the delegation to happiness

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The assignment attributed by the mayor Giacomino to Salemi, known as Genepy. 54 years old, although not originally from the valley, he wears traditional costumes and plays the accordion LA SENTINELLA IN ONE MINUTE


There is also a councilor delegated to happiness in the renewed municipal council of Ronco Canavese, who officially took office on Saturday morning, just five days before the elections. His name is Marco Salemi, but everyone in the valley knows him by the nickname of Genepy. Fifty-four years old, a commercial agent, he is not a native of the valley, but he spent his holidays there as a child and he is well integrated into the local community, he plays the accordion and is often seen at parties dressed in Valais costume.

A single majority

To him, as to all the other newly elected councilors, including minority ones, the new mayor of Ronco, Lorenzo Giacomino, has actually entrusted not a real delegation, but a task, more precisely a commitment. Over the next five years Salemi will have to deal with the happiness of the Ronchese community, Maria Maddalena Peretti, a minority councilor, will have kindness and hospitality as her commitment; instead, Marilene Anselmo, who lives in Paris, will be committed to maintaining relations with emigrants. Unlike the previous two, the latter, like those entrusted to the other councilors, is a post that already existed in the past administrations (there has always been a councilor representing emigrants abroad).

This is how depopulation is fought

The collaborators of the new first citizen of Ronchese Lorenzo Giacomino, therefore, will be all ten elected councilors, including the minority group. “I want to be the mayor who fights depopulation”, this is the commitment of the first Ronchese citizen declared during the first session of the new Ronchese parliament, held in the municipal theater Monsignor Babando Lorenzo, which was attended by the regional councilors of the League, Andrea Cane and Mauro Fava, the now former mayor Danilo Crosasso and various administrators of the neighboring municipalities. Illustrating the program of the new administration, Giacomino highlighted the importance of guaranteeing services, of encouraging new activities and tourism development based on the presence of the National Park and also announced that, thanks to the funding already obtained from the previous administration (of which he was part as deputy mayor) new tourist infrastructures will soon be built.

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Cucciatti deputy first citizen

The names of the deputy mayor, Eric Cucciatti, and the councilor, Letizia Danna, respectively 28 and 24 years old, were then communicated. The new one is, therefore, a young council, considering that even Giacomino is only 25 years old and is one of the youngest Italian mayors. In the area, however, the record always remains with Danilo Crosasso, elected at the helm of Valprato in 1990, and Elio Blessent, elected mayor of Sparone in the same period, both at the age of 22.

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